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  2. SpaceX Raptor - Wikipedia

    Raptor is a family of full-flow staged-combustion-cycle rocket engines developed and manufactured by SpaceX for use on the in-development SpaceX Starship.The engine is powered by "methalox" (cryogenic liquid methane and LOX) rather than the "kerolox" (RP-1 kerosene and LOX) used in SpaceX's prior Merlin and Kestrel rocket engines.

  3. Fokker 100 - Wikipedia

    The program was announced in 1983. A pair of prototypes was built. On 30 November 1986, the first prototype, PH-MKH, flew for the first time, while the second, PH-MKC, followed on 25 February 1987. The variant was approved on 20 November 1987. In February 1988, the first deliveries of the Tay 620-15-powered versions started to Swissair.

  4. Random-access memory - Wikipedia

    The first practical form of random-access memory was the Williams tube starting in 1947. It stored data as electrically charged spots on the face of a cathode-ray tube. Since the electron beam of the CRT could read and write the spots on the tube in any order, memory was random access.

  5. Business jet - Wikipedia

    A business jet, private jet, or bizjet is a jet aircraft designed for transporting small groups of people. Business jets may be adapted for other roles, such as the evacuation of casualties or express parcel deliveries, and some are used by public bodies, government officials or the armed forces

  6. Sweetwater, Texas - Wikipedia,_Texas

    History. The town's name "Sweetwater" is the English translation of the Kiowa language word "Mobeetie".. Sweetwater received a U.S. post office in 1879. The Texas and Pacific Railway started service in 1881, with the first train arriving on March 12 of that year, beginning Sweetwater's long history as a railroad town.

  7. Joby Aviation - Wikipedia

    By 2015, the company was operating subscale prototypes of its eVTOL aircraft, moving to full-scale unmanned prototypes in 2017, and a production prototype in 2019. In 2018, the company announced a Series B funding round of $100 million, led by Toyota AI Ventures.

  8. Commodore PET - Wikipedia

    The Commodore PET is a line of personal computers produced starting in 1977 by Commodore International. A single all-in-one case combines a MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor, Commodore BASIC in read-only memory, keyboard, computer monitor, and, in early models, a cassette deck.

  9. Outkast - Wikipedia

    The final singles were André 3000's "Prototype", which was paired with a science fiction-themed video about alien visitors, and Speakerboxxx ' s "Ghettomusick", which featured both members of Outkast and a sample from a song by Patti LaBelle, who also makes an appearance in the video. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below won the Grammy Award for the 2004.

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