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  2. Open access citation advantage - Wikipedia

    Open access citation advantage (OACA), also known as FUTON bias (for "full text on the net") is a type of bias whereby scholars tend to cite academic journals with open access (OA)—that is, journals that make their full text available on the Internet without charge (not behind a paywall)—in preference to toll-access publications.

  3. Controlled-access highway - Wikipedia

    Full control-access highways in the Philippines are referred to as expressways, which are usually toll roads. The expressway network is concentrated in Luzon, with the North Luzon Expressway and South Luzon Expressway being the most important ones. The expressway network in Luzon do not form a network, but there are ongoing construction to ...

  4. Turnstile - Wikipedia

    When access is granted the arms drop into recesses in the cabinet. Once the arms drop out of the way, the turnstile functions as a fully optical turnstile. Full-height turnstiles. The full-height turnstile is a larger version of the waist-high turnstile, commonly 7-foot (2.1 m) high, similar in operation to a revolving door. The full-height ...

  5. Computer access control - Wikipedia

    In computer security, general access control includes identification, authorization, authentication, access approval, and audit.A more narrow definition of access control would cover only access approval, whereby the system makes a decision to grant or reject an access request from an already authenticated subject, based on what the subject is authorized to access.

  6. Tokoroa - Wikipedia

    The lake weed eventually became a drowning hazard that claimed the lives of swimmers over the preceding decade. In this sense, the project was a failure, and Lake Moana-Nui was considered unsafe. In an effort to control the problems, signs were erected banning access to the dam wall, and basic handrailing was put up to prevent public access.

  7. Open access - Wikipedia

    Open access (OA) is a set of principles and a range of practices through which research outputs are distributed online, free of access charges or other barriers. With open access strictly defined (according to the 2001 definition), or libre open access, barriers to copying or reuse are also reduced or removed by applying an open license for copyright.

  8. Miyagi Stadium - Wikipedia

    Access. Rifu Station is the closest train station, although it is nearly 3.5 kilometers from the stadium. For major events, bus transportation is usually available from Izumi-Chūō and Sendai Stations. Before the World Cup, a spur from the Sanriku Expressway was built, which provided easier access for travellers by car from Tokyo and other ...

  9. The Subway (Zion National Park) - Wikipedia

    While short in length, long approach and exit hikes are necessary to access The Subway. Canyoneering groups acknowledge two popular routes for visiting The Subway. The through route, for advanced hikers, involves a one-way hike downstream from the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead ( 37°17′05″N 113°05′46″W  /  37.28472°N 113.09611°W ...