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  2. IAM - Wikipedia

    Concepts. Identity and Access Management, a concept that combines business processes, policies and technologies; Indo-Aryan migration, the theory that speakers of Indo-Aryan languages migrated into the Indian subcontinent during the 2nd millennium BCE

  3. Tokoroa - Wikipedia

    Tokoroa, comprising the statistical areas of Paraonui, Parkdale, Matarawa, Stanley Park, Strathmore (South Waikato District), Tokoroa Central and Moananui, had a population of 13,578 at the 2018 New Zealand census, an increase of 1,242 people (10.1%) since the 2013 census, and an increase of 408 people (3.1%) since the 2006 census.

  4. Molokini - Wikipedia

    Molokini is a destination for scuba diving, snuba, and snorkeling.Its crescent shape protects divers inside it from waves and the channel's powerful currents, though diving also takes place off the 300-foot (91.5-meter) sheer outer wall.

  5. Superuser - Wikipedia

    The default user account created in Windows systems is an administrator account. Unlike macOS, Linux, and Windows Vista/7/8/10 administrator accounts, administrator accounts in Windows systems without UAC do not insulate the system from most of the pitfalls of full root access.

  6. SDF - Wikipedia

    SDF Public Access Unix System; Simple Data Format, binary data format; Signed distance function in mathematical applications; Software development folder; Spatial Data File, a geodatabase file format; SQL Server Compact Edition Database File, extension; Standard Delay Format, for timing data; Structure data file, a chemical table file format

  7. Access control - Wikipedia

    access approval grants access during operations, by association of users with the resources that they are allowed to access, based on the authorization policy; accountability identifies what a subject (or all subjects associated with a user) did; Access control models. Access to accounts can be enforced through many types of controls.

  8. Miyagi Stadium - Wikipedia

    Access. Rifu Station is the closest train station, although it is nearly 3.5 kilometers from the stadium. For major events, bus transportation is usually available from Izumi-Chūō and Sendai Stations. Before the World Cup, a spur from the Sanriku Expressway was built, which provided easier access for travellers by car from Tokyo and other ...

  9. Internet Message Access Protocol - Wikipedia

    The Internet Message Access Protocol is an application layer Internet protocol that allows an e-mail client to access email on a remote mail server. The current version is defined by RFC 9051. An IMAP server typically listens on well-known port 143, while IMAP over SSL/TLS (IMAPS) uses 993.