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  2. Form I-9 - Wikipedia

    The I-9 form, or more properly the Employment Eligibility Verification Form, is provided by the federal government for that purpose. Every employee hired after November 6, 1986 must complete an I-9 form at the time of hire. Employees must complete Section 1 of the form upon commencing employment. The employer must complete Section 2 within ...

  3. Great Recession - Wikipedia

    The Great Recession was a period of marked general decline ( recession) observed in national economies globally that occurred between 2007 and 2009. The scale and timing of the recession varied from country to country (see map). At the time, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded that it was the most severe economic and financial ...

  4. Historical buildings and structures of Zion National Park

    The signs comprise two locally quarried red sandstone pillars flanking the east and south entrance road, with a horizontal log projecting from one pylon supporting a sign. The signs were designed by the National Park Service Branch of Plans and Designs in 1936 and was built by Civilian Conservation Corps labor from Camp NP-2.

  5. Sam the Record Man - Wikipedia

    Sam the Record Man was a Canadian record store chain that, at one time, was Canada 's largest music recording retailer. In 1982, its ads proclaimed that it had "140 locations, coast to coast". Its iconic flagship store was located at 259 Yonge Street in 1959 and moved to 347 Yonge Street two years later, remaining there from 1961 until it ...

  6. Timesheet - Wikipedia

    A timesheet (or time sheet) is a method for recording the amount of a worker's time spent on each job. Traditionally a sheet of paper with the data arranged in tabular format, a timesheet is now often a digital document or spreadsheet. The time cards stamped by time clocks can serve as a timesheet or provide the data to fill one.

  7. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 - Wikipedia

    The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) prohibited employment discrimination against persons forty years of age or older. Some older workers were being denied health benefits based on their age and denied training opportunities prior to the passage of the ADEA. The act applies only to businesses employing more than twenty workers.

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    related to: free printable employee sign in sheet