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  2. Malay language - Wikipedia

    Malay is the national language in Malaysia by Article 152 of the Constitution of Malaysia, and became the sole official language in West Malaysia in 1968, and in East Malaysia gradually from 1974. English continues, however, to be widely used in professional and commercial fields and in the superior courts.

  3. Malaysian Malay - Wikipedia

    Malaysian Malay (Malay: Bahasa Melayu Malaysia), also known as Standard Malay (Bahasa Melayu standard/baku), Bahasa Malaysia (lit. 'Malaysian language'), or simply Malay, is a standardized form of the Malay language used in Malaysia and also used in Brunei and Singapore (as opposed to the variety used in Indonesia, which is referred to as the "Indonesian" language).

  4. Malaysian English - Wikipedia

    Malaysian English (MyE), formally known as Malaysian Standard English (MySE) (similar and related to British English), is a form of English used and spoken in Malaysia.While Malaysian English can encompass a range of English spoken in Malaysia, some consider to be it distinct from the colloquial form commonly called Manglish.

  5. List of English words of Malay origin - Wikipedia

    This is a partial list of loanwords in English language, that were borrowed or derived, either directly or indirectly, from Malay language.Many of the words are decisively Malay or shared with other Malayic languages group, while others obviously entered Malay both from related Austronesian languages and unrelated languages of India and China.

  6. Malayo-Polynesian languages - Wikipedia

    The Malayo-Polynesian languages are a subgroup of the Austronesian languages, with approximately 385.5 million speakers.The Malayo-Polynesian languages are spoken by the Austronesian peoples outside of Taiwan, in the island nations of Southeast Asia (Indonesian and Philippine Archipelago) and the Pacific Ocean, with a smaller number in continental Asia in the areas near the Malay Peninsula.

  7. British and Malaysian English differences - Wikipedia

    In schools and in the print media however, Malaysians revert to British English. Manglish does not possess a standard written form, although many variations exist for transcribing certain words. For most purposes it is a spoken tongue. In Malaysian education, written English is based on British English but most of the students speak in a local ...

  8. List of loanwords in Malay - Wikipedia

    Modern Malay loanwords are now primarily from English, Arabic and Javanese — English being the language of trade and technology while Arabic is the language of religion (Islam in the case of this language's concentrated regions), although key words such as surga/ syurga (heaven) and the word "religion" itself (agama) reflect their Sanskrit ...

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