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  2. Common Real Estate Myths That You Need To Know - AOL

    "Rental real estate is a great way to create wealth, equity and extra income," said Ryan Stewman, real estate sales and marketing expert with the Break Free Academy and author of "Elevator to the ...

  3. Talk:Index of real estate articles - Wikipedia

    Topic covered under Real Estate section of Disintermediation#Impact_of_Internet-related_disintermediation_upon_various_industries 18:53, January 24, 2007 contrib. by TourSheet Disintermediation is now an entry on the Index of real estate articles. —Molly-in-md 12:55, 1 March 2015 (UTC) more topics. Abstract continuation

  4. Contract Buyers League - Wikipedia

    The Contract Buyers League (CBL) was a grassroots organization formed in 1968 by residents of North Lawndale, a Chicago, Illinois community. Assisted by Jack Macnamara, a Jesuit seminarian, and twelve white college students based at Presentation Roman Catholic Church, led by Msgr. Jack Egan, the CBL fought the discriminatory real estate practice known as “contract selling.”

  5. Talk:Land contract - Wikipedia

    Restoration of Land contract article. Within a day or so, I intend to revert this Land contract article to the 08:37 Aug 3, 2008 version and then probably (perhaps later) make some explanatory edits (and add Land contract under "See also" section in Real estate contract), unless User:Eastlaw explains why this reversion of the redirect should not be done.

  6. Real estate - Wikipedia

    Condominium (American English) – A building or complex, similar to apartments, owned by individuals. Common grounds and common areas within the complex are owned and shared jointly. In North America, there are townhouse or rowhouse style condominiums as well. The British equivalent is a block of flats.

  7. Private transfer fee - Wikipedia

    A private transfer fee covenant [1] is a legal instrument that is filed in the real property records, which imposes an assessment payable in connection with a series of future transfers of title to certain real property. The assessment [2] can be for a fixed amount or a percentage of the sales price, and typically runs for a limited term ...

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    related to: free illinois real estate contract