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  2. Zóbel de Ayala family - Wikipediaóbel_de_Ayala_family

    The Zóbel de Ayala clan is a prominent Filipino family of Spanish and German descent who were the founders of Ayala y Compañía (now Ayala Corporation) and patrons of the Premio Zóbel literary awards. The clan is directly descended from Jacobo Zóbel y Zangroniz (1842–1896) and Trinidad de Ayala (1856–1918).

  3. Zobel (surname) - Wikipedia

    Zobel (German pronunciation: ) is a German family name. It may occasionally appear as Zóbel ( Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsoβel] ) in Spanish-language texts. Notable people [ edit ]

  4. Benjamin Zobel - Wikipedia

    Benjamin Zobel (21 September 1762 - 24 October 1830) was a German-British painter, who developed the technique of sandpainting, also called marmotinto. Examples of these sandpaintings exist in the Memmingen city museum archives in Germany, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, Ontario.

  5. Zobel - Wikipedia

    Zobel may refer to: Zobel, a mountain range in the Ethiopian district of Kobo Zobel (surname), including a list of people with the name Zobel network constant resistance networks invented by Otto Zobel Zobel de Ayala family of the Philippines

  6. Friedrich Zobel - Wikipedia

    Thomas Friedrich Zobel von Giebelstadt und Darstadt (1799 – 12 July 1869) was an Austrian military officer. Zobel was born into a family of the lesser Austrian nobility. He studied in the military academy of Vienna and distinguished himself in the riots in Lombardy-Venetia of 1848.

  7. Joseph Zobel - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Joseph Zobel (April 26, 1915 in Martinique – June 18, 2006 in Alès, France) is the author of several novels and short-stories in which social issues are at the forefront.