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  2. McMafia - Wikipedia

    No. in series Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers (millions) 1 "Episode 1" James Watkins: Hossein Amini and James Watkins: 1 January 2018 (): 9.82: An attempt on the life of Russian businessman Vadim Kalyagin leads to retaliation against English investment fund manager Alex Godman's uncle drawing him into a power battle between the Russian and Israeli criminal underworld ...

  3. The Younger Lady - Wikipedia

    The Younger Lady is the informal name given to a mummy discovered within tomb KV35 in the Valley of the Kings by archaeologist Victor Loret in 1898. The mummy also has been given the designation KV35YL ("YL" for "Younger Lady") and 61072, and currently resides in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

  4. Shabaka - Wikipedia

    Shabaka's timeline. The archaeological evidence now in 2016–2017 firmly favours a Shebitku-Shabaka succession. Gerard Broekman's GM 251 (2017) paper shows that Shebitku reigned before Shabaka since the upper edge of Shabaka's NLR #30's Year 2 Karnak quay inscription was carved over the left-hand side of the lower edge of Shebitku's NLR#33 Year 3 inscription.

  5. Italia 1 - Wikipedia

    History Launch (1982–1983) Launched 3 January 1982 by print media editor Edilio Rusconi, Italia 1 was born from the idea of a network supported by twenty regional broadcasting stations, some owned by Rusconi himself and others simply affiliated to broadcast throughout Italian territory on the 'ploy' of interconnection.

  6. Ahmose I - Wikipedia

    The identity of this mummy (Cairo Museum catalog n° 61057) was called into question in 1980 by the published results of Dr. James Harris, a professor of orthodontics, and Egyptologist Edward Wente. Harris had been allowed to take x-rays of all of the supposed royal mummies at the Cairo Museum. While history records Ahmose I as being the son or ...

  7. List of the oldest newspapers - Wikipedia

    Cairo: Egypt: Still published 1891 Mashonaland Herald and Zambesian Times: English Salisbury: Southern Rhodesia: Now published as The Herald: 1898 Kurdistan: Kurdish: Cairo: Egypt: First newspaper in the Kurmanji Kurdish language, founded by Miqdad Madhad Bedirkhan, member of the Kurdish aristocrat Bedirkhan family. The first issue was printed ...

  8. Zenobia - Wikipedia

    Origin, family and early life. Palmyrene society was an amalgam of Semitic tribes (mostly Aramean and Arab), and Zenobia cannot be identified with any one group; as a Palmyrene, she may have had both Aramean and Arab ancestry. Information about Zenobia's ancestry and immediate family connections is scarce and contradictory.

  9. 64DD - Wikipedia

    The 64DD is a magnetic floppy disk drive peripheral for the Nintendo 64 game console developed by Nintendo.It was announced in 1995, prior to the Nintendo 64's 1996 launch, and after numerous delays was released in Japan on December 13, 1999.