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  2. Cairo - Wikipedia

    The Cairo Metro, opened in 1987, is the oldest metro system in Africa, [17] and ranks amongst the fifteen busiest in the world, [18] with over 1 billion [19] annual passenger rides. The economy of Cairo was ranked first in the Middle East in 2005, [20] and 43rd globally on Foreign Policy 's 2010 Global Cities Index.

  3. Thutmose IV - Wikipedia

    Thutmose IV (sometimes read as Thutmosis or Tuthmosis IV, Thothmes in older history works in Latinized Greek; Ancient Egyptian: ḏḥwti.msi (.w) " Thoth is born") [3] was the 8th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, who ruled in approximately the 14th century BC.

  4. Ramesses II - Wikipedia

    Ramesses II as a child ( Cairo Museum) Early in his life, Ramesses II embarked on numerous campaigns to restore possession of previously held territories lost to the Nubians and Hittites and to secure Egypt's borders. He was also responsible for suppressing some Nubian revolts and carrying out a campaign in Libya.

  5. Cairo, Illinois - Wikipedia,_Illinois

    Cairo ( / ˈkɛəroʊ / KAIR-oh) [3] is the southernmost city in Illinois and the county seat of Alexander County . The city is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Fort Defiance, a Civil War camp, was built here in 1862 by Union General Ulysses S. Grant to control strategic access to the rivers, and launch and supply ...

  6. Islamic Cairo - Wikipedia

    The history of Cairo begins, in essence, with the conquest of Egypt by Muslim Arabs in 640, under the commander 'Amr ibn al-'As. Although Alexandria was the capital of Egypt at that time (and had been throughout the Ptolemaic, Roman, and Byzantine periods), the Arab conquerors decided to establish a new city called Fustat to serve as the administrative capital and military garrison center of ...

  7. Fustat - Wikipedia

    Fustat (Arabic: الفسطاط al-Fusṭāṭ), also Al-Fustat and Fostat, was the first capital of Egypt under Muslim rule, and the historical centre of modern Cairo. It was built adjacent to what is now known as Old Cairo by the Rashidun Muslim general 'Amr ibn al-'As immediately after the Muslim conquest of Egypt in AD 641, and featured the Mosque of Amr, the first mosque built in Egypt.

  8. Khwarazmian Empire - Wikipedia

    The dynasty that ruled the empire was founded by Anush Tigin (also known as Gharachai), initially a Turkic slave of the rulers of Gharchistan, later a Mamluk in the service of the Seljuks. However, it was Ala ad-Din Atsiz, descendant of Anush Tigin, who achieved Khwarazm's independence from its neighbors. Contents 1 History 1.1 Early history