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  2. Tenby Schools Penang - Wikipedia

    Tenby Schools Penang is an international school in Penang, Malaysia, and part of the Tenby International School family. It offers both British curriculum and Malaysian curriculum (UPSR, SPM) in the same campus for children aged 3–18 years old.

  3. List of Famicom Disk System games - Wikipedia

    Family Composer: 1987-10-30 Tokyo Shoseki: TKS-FCO Family Computer Othello: 1986-11-13 Kawada KWD-OTH Also released for the Famicom and later released for the NES Final Command: The Red Fortress: 1988-05-02 Konami: KDS-AKA Later released for the NES as Jackal with some changes Fire Bam: 1988-02-01 HAL Laboratory: HAL-FBM Fire Rock: 1988-06-20 ...

  4. Carey Baptist Grammar School - Wikipedia

    Carey Baptist Grammar School, commonly known as Carey, is an independent and co-educational Christian day school in Victoria, Australia.. The institution consists of four campuses: Kew (ELC to Year 12), Donvale (ELC to Year 6), the Carey Sports Complex in Bulleen and an outdoor education camp near Paynesville in eastern Gippsland called Carey Toonallook.

  5. List of Washington state agencies - Wikipedia

    Ombudsman, Office of the Family and Children's (OFCO) Ombudsman, Open Government (OGO) Parks and Recreation Commission, State (PARKS) Pension Policy, Select Committee on (SCPP) Personnel Resources Board (PRB) Personnel, Department of (DOP) Pesticide Registration, State Commission on (WSCPR) Pharmacy, Board of (BOP)

  6. Sentence clause structure - Wikipedia

    In the English language, a compound sentence is composed of at least two independent clauses. It does not require a dependent clause. The clauses are joined by a coordinating conjunction, a semicolon that functions as a conjunction, a colon instead of a semicolon between two sentences when the second sentence explains or illustrates the first sentence and no coordinating conjunction is being ...

  7. CC chemokine receptors - Wikipedia

    CC chemokine receptors (or beta chemokine receptors) are integral membrane proteins that specifically bind and respond to cytokines of the CC chemokine family. They represent one subfamily of chemokine receptors, a large family of G protein-linked receptors that are known as seven transmembrane (7-TM) proteins since they span the cell membrane seven times.

  8. Emacs Lisp - Wikipedia

    Emacs Lisp is a dialect of the Lisp programming language used as a scripting language by Emacs (a text editor family most commonly associated with GNU Emacs and XEmacs).It is used for implementing most of the editing functionality built into Emacs, the remainder being written in C, as is the Lisp interpreter.

  9. Lake Manyara - Wikipedia

    Lake Manyara is the type locality for the endangered fish Oreochromis amphimelas, a species of in the cichlid family, endemic to Tanzania, found in Lake Manyara and a number of other saline lakes with closed basins. Exploitation is prohibited in the parts of Lake Manyara within the National Park and the protected park areas provide important ...