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  2. Natalie Portman - Wikipedia

    Natalie Portman (born Natalie Hershlag, [disputed – discuss] Hebrew: נטע-לי הרשלג, June 9, 1981) is an Israeli-born American actress. With an extensive career in film since her teenage years, she has starred in various blockbusters and independent films, for which she has received multiple accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and two Golden Globe Awards.

  3. Musk family - Wikipedia

    Justine Musk (born 1972), Canadian author and former wife of Elon Musk. Kimbal Musk (born 1972), entrepreneur, philanthropist, and restaurateur. He founded Zip2 in 1998 with his brother Elon Musk and later sold it to Compaq for $307 million. He is the co-founder and chairman of Big Green. Maye Musk (born 1948), model and dietitian.

  4. Felidae - Wikipedia

    Felidae ( / ˈfɛlɪdiː /) is a family of mammals in the order Carnivora, colloquially referred to as cats, and constitutes a clade. A member of this family is also called a felid ( / ˈfiːlɪd / ). The term "cat" refers both to felids in general and specifically to the domestic cat ( Felis catus ).

  5. Francisco Franco - Wikipedia

    Francisco Franco Bahamonde ( Spanish: [fɾanˈθisko ˈfɾaŋko βa.aˈmonde]; 4 December 1892 – 20 November 1975) was a Spanish general who led the Nationalist forces in overthrowing the Second Spanish Republic during the Spanish Civil War and thereafter ruled over Spain from 1939 to 1975 as a dictator, assuming the title Caudillo.

  6. Mayo Clinic - Wikipedia

    Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit hospital system with campuses in Rochester, Minnesota, Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, and Jacksonville, Florida. Mayo Clinic employs 63,000 people, including more than 4,500 physicians and scientists and 58,400 administrative and allied health staff, as of 2018. Of those, approximately 34,000 are based in Rochester.

  7. Dr. Seuss - Wikipedia

    Theodor Seuss Geisel ( / suːs ˈɡaɪzəl, zɔɪs -/ ( listen); March 2, 1904 – September 24, 1991) was an American children's author, political cartoonist, illustrator, poet, animator, and filmmaker. He is known for his work writing and illustrating more than 60 books under the pen name Dr. Seuss ( / suːs, zuːs /, ).

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