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  2. Page numbering - Wikipedia

    Page numbering. Page numbering is the process of applying a sequence of numbers (or letters, or Roman numerals) to the pages of a book or other document. The number itself, which may appear in various places on the page, can be referred to as a page number or as a folio. [1] Like other numbering schemes such as chapter numbering, page numbers ...

  3. Facebook real-name policy controversy - Wikipedia

    The Facebook real-name policy controversy is a controversy over social networking site Facebook 's real-name system, which requires that a person use their legal name when they register an account and configure their user profile. [1] The controversy stems from claims by some users that they are being penalized by Facebook for using their real ...

  4. Wikipedia:Citing sources - Wikipedia

    If you have a URL (web page) link, you can add it to the title part of the citation, so that when you add the citation to Wikipedia the URL becomes hidden and the title becomes clickable. To do this, enclose the URL and the title in square brackets—the URL first, then a space, then the title. For example:

  5. Privacy concerns with Facebook - Wikipedia

    The number one reason for users to quit Facebook was privacy concerns (48%), being followed by a general dissatisfaction with Facebook (14%), negative aspects regarding Facebook friends (13%), and the feeling of getting addicted to Facebook (6%). Facebook quitters were found to be more concerned about privacy, more addicted to the Internet, and ...

  6. Censorship of Facebook - Wikipedia

    A Facebook spokesperson said the pages were disabled as part of a routine sweep because they were created with fake personal profiles, a violation of the company's term of service. In this case a number of the Facebook personal profile pages represented causes, rather than real people.

  7. Facebook, Inc. v. Duguid - Wikipedia,_Inc._v._Duguid

    Facebook petitioned to the Supreme Court, seeking judgement on two questions: whether the auto dialer statute was an unconstitutional content-based restriction on free speech, and whether the TCPA definition of an ATDS includes any device that can store and dial stored numbers. In the latter case, Facebook identified that the Ninth Circuit's ...

  8. Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines - Wikipedia

    Manual of Style contents. v. t. e. Wikipedia's policies and guidelines are developed by the community to describe best practices, clarify principles, resolve conflicts, and otherwise further our goal of creating a free, reliable encyclopedia. There is no need to read any policy or guideline pages to start editing.

  9. Rule of three (writing) - Wikipedia

    A tricolon is a more specific use of the rule of three where three words or phrases are equal in length and grammatical form. A hendiatris is a figure of speech where three successive words are used to express a single central idea. As a slogan or motto, this is known as a tripartite motto. Slogans and catchphrases