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  2. Cartel - Wikipedia

    Examples The printing equipment company American Type Founders (ATF) explicitly states in its 1923 manual that its goal is to "discourage unhealthy competition" in the printing industry. The Phoebus cartel was established by lighting manufacturers in the early 20th century to control the pricing and lifespan of incandescent light bulbs.

  3. Æthelwulf, King of Wessex - WikipediaÆthelwulf,_King_of_Wessex

    The Decimation Charters are divided by Susan Kelly into four groups: Two dated at Winchester on 5 November 844. In a charter in the Malmesbury archive, Æthelwulf refers in the proem to the perilous state of his kingdom as the result of the assaults of pagans and barbarians. For the sake of his soul and in return for masses for the king and ...

  4. Monarch - Wikipedia

    Hereditary succession within one patrilineal family has been most common (but see the Rain Queen), with a preference for children over siblings, and sons over daughters.In Europe, some peoples practiced equal division of land and regalian rights among sons or brothers, as in the Germanic states of the Holy Roman Empire, until after the medieval era and sometimes (e.g., Ernestine duchies) into ...

  5. History of water supply and sanitation - Wikipedia

    This urban plan included the world's first urban sanitation systems. Within the city, individual homes or groups of homes obtained water from wells. From a room that appears to have been set aside for bathing, waste water was directed to covered drains, which lined the major streets. Devices such as shadoofs were used to lift water to ground level.

  6. Patronymic - Wikipedia

    Origins of terms. The usual noun and adjective in English is patronymic, but as a noun this exists in free variation alongside patronym. The first part of the word patronym comes from Greek πατήρ patēr "father" (GEN πατρός patros whence the combining form πατρο- patro-); the second part comes from Greek ὄνυμα onyma, a variant form of ὄνομα onoma "name".

  7. Education reform - Wikipedia

    Education reform is the name given to the goal of changing public education.The meaning and education methods have changed through debates over what content or experiences result in an educated individual or an educated society.

  8. Romani people in Hungary - Wikipedia

    History and language Origin. The Romani people in Hungary originate from East India, from the northwestern Indian regions of Rajasthan and Punjab. The linguistic evidence has indisputably shown that roots of Romani language lie in India: the language has grammatical characteristics of Indo-Aryan languages and shares with them a big part of the basic lexicon, for example, body parts or daily ...

  9. Offa of Mercia - Wikipedia

    Offa's wife was Cynethryth, whose ancestry is unknown.The couple had a son, Ecgfrith, and at least three daughters: Ælfflæd, Eadburh and Æthelburh. It has been speculated that Æthelburh was the abbess who was a kinswoman of King Ealdred of the Hwicce, but there are other prominent women named Æthelburh during that period.