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  2. Telephone numbers in the Philippines - Wikipedia

    Some of the first area codes to be assigned for mobile phones were 912 for Mobiline/Piltel, 915 for Islacom, 917 for Globe Telecom, 918 for Smart Communications, and 973 for Express Telecom. [4] As service began growing rapidly since the 1990s, new codes have been added to meet demand as existing codes have since been exhausted.

  3. List of mobile telephone prefixes by country - Wikipedia

    268 7xx. 10. NANP member. Argentina. +54. 9/15. 10. All carriers: Claro, Movistar, Personal, Tuenti. 15 before the local number but after long distance area code for national calls (0 11 15 xxxx-xxxx) and 9 placed after the international access code excluding the 15 for international calls (+54 9 11 xxxx-xxxx).

  4. Telecommunications in the Philippines - Wikipedia

    Mobile Numbers are coded base on network providers ranging from 0800 to 0999, [5] and international code for Philippines replace the zero to make an international call to the Philippines that would make it +63800 to +63999. Mobile market [ edit]

  5. National conventions for writing telephone numbers - Wikipedia

    021 xxxx xxxx (Outside Tehran, or via a cellphone) +98 21 xxxx xxxx (outside Iran) An example for mobile numbers is as follows: 09xx xxx xxxx (in Iran) +98 9xx xxx xxxx (outside Iran) Japan The traditional convention for phone numbers is (0AA) NXX-XXXX, where 0AA is the area code and NXX-XXXX is the subscriber number.

  6. Telephone numbers in Ethiopia - Wikipedia

    +251 yy xxx xxxx - calling from outside Ethiopia The NSN length is nine digits. Mobile numbers start with 91. 091 XXX-XXXX - domestic calling +251 91 XXX-XXXX - from overseas List of area codes in Ethiopia [ edit] Area codes were revised in 2005. [2] The new area codes are as shown below.

  7. Telephone numbers in Vietnam - Wikipedia

    In Vietnam, mobile phone numbers follow the format 09x-xxxxxxx or new prefixes: 03x, 05x, 07x, 08x. The first 0 is the trunk code. The next 2 digits ( 3x, 5x, 7x, 8x or 9y) specify the mobile phone operator. Some mobile phone operators have been given more than one operator code. In Circular No. 22/2014/TT-BTTTT dated December 22, 2014, all 11 ...

  8. Telephone numbers in Egypt - Wikipedia

    Mobile phone numbers [ edit] There are currently four mobile network operators in Egypt: Orange, Vodafone, Etisalat, and We . Operator. Code. Example (local) Example (international) Vodafone. 10.