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  2. Employees' Provident Fund Organisation - Wikipedia'_Provident_Fund...

    The EPFO administers the mandatory provident fund, a basic pension scheme and a disability/death insurance scheme. It also manages social security agreements with other countries. International workers are covered under EPFO plans in countries where bilateral agreements have been signed. As of May 2021, 19 such agreements are in place. [1]

  3. Employees Provident Fund - Wikipedia

    Employees Provident Fund or Employees' Provident Fund refer to: Employees' Provident Fund Organisation, in India Employees Provident Fund (Malaysia) Employees Provident Fund Nepal Employees' Provident Fund (Sri Lanka) This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Employees Provident Fund.

  4. Provident fund - Wikipedia

    As far as differences between gratuity and provident funds are concerned, although both types involve lump sum payments at the end of employment, the former operates as a defined benefit plan, while the latter is a defined contribution plan. Specific provident funds include: Employees' Provident Fund Organisation, India's statutory retirement plan

  5. EPF School of Engineering - Wikipedia

    The school is a member of the Union of Independent Grandes Écoles (UGEI). [2] The EPF was created in 1994 from the former École polytechnique féminine (which was never linked to the École polytechnique) founded in 1925 by Marie-Louise Paris. [3] Notable alumni [ edit] Astrid Guyart, a French right-handed foil fencer, author, and aerospace engineer

  6. Employees' Provident Fund (Sri Lanka) - Wikipedia'_Provident_Fund...

    The Employees' Provident Fund, abbreviated to EPF, is a social security scheme of employees in Sri Lanka under the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. It was established under Act No. 15 of 1958 by S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike, [3] and as of December 2010, it had Rs 899.6 billion, which is equivalent to 16% of the GDP. [4]

  7. Employees Provident Fund (Nepal) - Wikipedia

    The history of Provident Fund (PF) in Nepal dates back to 1934 when the PF scheme came into existence with the establishment of Sainik Drabya Kosh (Army Provident Fund) during the Rana Regime. [4] The scheme was initiated with the intentions of removing financial hardships to the army personnel after their retirement.

  8. Episcopal Peace Fellowship - Wikipedia

    EPF Formation November 11, 1939; 82 years ago (1939-11-11) Founded at New York City, New York, US Executive Director Melanie Merkle Atha[1] Chair Jackie Lynn[2] Website Formerly called Episcopal Pacifist Fellowship The Episcopal Peace Fellowship(EPF) is an American peace organization composed of members of the Episcopal Church.