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  2. Employee Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    employee noun em· ploy· ee variants also employe : a person usually below the executive level who is hired by another to perform a service especially for wages or salary and is under the other's control see also respondeat superior compare independent contractor

  3. Employee Definition & Meaning |

    An employee is someone who gets paid to work for a person or company. Workers don’t need to work full time to be considered employees —they simply need to be paid to work by an employer (the person or business that pays them).

  4. EMPLOYEE | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

    employee noun [ C ] HR uk / ɪmˈplɔɪiː / us someone who is paid to work for someone else: The number of employees in the company has trebled over the past decade. I discussed my complaint with an employee of the bank. have/recruit/train employees We have ten employees and a turnover of around £450,000. a government / company / council employee

  5. 39 Synonyms & Antonyms of EMPLOYEE - Merriam-Webster

    Synonyms of employee See Definition employee noun variants also employe as in worker one who works for another for wages or a salary an employer who was loved and admired by generations of employees Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance worker colleague laborer associate jobholder retainer hireling assistant subordinate coworker underling hand workman

  6. employee noun worker, labourer, workman, staff member, member of staff, hand, wage-earner, white-collar worker, blue-collar worker, hired hand, job-holder, member of the workforce Many of the company's employees are women. Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

  7. What Is an Employee? - The Balance Careers

    An employee is a type of worker that an employer can hire to do a specific job. Unlike contractors, which have more freedom than an employee, an employer controls what an employee does and exactly how it will be done. The employee is hired by the employer after an application and interview process results in their selection as an employee.

  8. Employee Engagement: Strategies, Models and Best Practices

    Employee engagement is the level of mental and emotional commitment an employee has towards their job, the organization, and its goals. An engaged employee is driven to help their organization succeed by directing their best efforts towards their work. They believe in the organization, and they will work to make sure that the organization succeeds.

  9. What Is Employee Relations? – Forbes Advisor

    Definition of Employee Relations Employee relations refers to the relationship between or among an employer and its employees. Depending on the context, the term has both practical and...

  10. Employee legal definition of employee -

    employee n. a person who is hired for a wage, salary, fee or payment to perform work for an employer. This is important to determine if one is acting as employee when injured (for worker's compensation) or when he/she causes damage to another, thereby making the employer liable for damages to the injured party.

  11. Employee Handbook - Betterteam

    An employee handbook helps new employees learn about the company rules, policies, culture, and values. It will also help protect the company from legal issues. New employees are usually provided with an employee handbook during the onboarding process. Special Offer Try Betterteam for FREE Send jobs to 100+ job boards with one submission

  12. Employee Referral 101: A complete Guide [With Tips and Examples]

    We gathered some employee referral program examples and bonus ideas that you can use to motivate your coworkers and reward them for their quality referrals. 4. Track employee referrals. Finally, to evaluate the success – or failure – of your employee referral program, you need to track and analyze some HR metrics.

  13. EMPLOYEE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    employee noun [ C ] HR uk / ɪmˈplɔɪiː / us someone who is paid to work for someone else: The number of employees in the company has trebled over the past decade. I discussed my complaint with an employee of the bank. have/recruit/train employees We have ten employees and a turnover of around £450,000. a government / company / council employee

  14. 3 Ways to Be a Good Employee - wikiHow

    To set yourself apart and stand out as a good employee, always meet assignment deadlines and demonstrate a strong work ethic. [1] As a good employee, never make excuses for why you didn't do a task that was assigned to you. 2 Show initiative by going above and beyond tasks that you're assigned.

  15. Employee attrition is the practice of leaving roles unfilled following workers’ departures. Employers will often eliminate positions, restructure departments, or implement a hiring freeze instead of bringing on new staff. There are many reasons for employee attrition, including cost-saving and organizational change.

  16. noun person being paid for working for another or a corporation synonyms for employee Compare Synonyms agent attendant clerk laborer member operator representative staff member worker apprentice assistant breadwinner cog domestic hand help hireling jobholder plug salesperson servant slave blue collar company person craftsperson desk jockey

  17. Employee - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms |

    employee: 1 n a worker who is hired to perform a job Antonyms: employer a person or firm that employs workers Examples: Paul Bunyan a legendary giant lumberjack of the north woods of the United States and Canada Ali Baba the fictional woodcutter who discovered that `open sesame' opened a cave in the Arabian Nights' Entertainment Ezra a Jewish ...

  18. Guide to an Employee Self-Evaluation (With Examples)

    An employee self-evaluation is a process that requires an employee to assess their own performance in the workplace. Employers may require these evaluations regularly, such as once a year or once a quarter. In them, employees may describe their achievements and share their professional progress over the last year or few months.

  19. Employee definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    An employee is a person who is paid to work for an organization or for another person. He is an employee of Fuji Bank. [ + of] Many of its employees are women. ...a government employee. Synonyms: worker, labourer, workman or woman or person, staff member More Synonyms of employee Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.

  20. What is Employee Retention? Everything You Need to Know

    Employee retention is the organizational goal of keeping productive and talented workers and reducing turnover by fostering a positive work atmosphere to promote engagement, showing appreciation to employees, providing competitive pay and benefits, and encouraging a healthy work-life balance. Employers are particularly interested in retaining ...

  21. Employee definition — AccountingTools

    An employee is an individual who works for someone else in exchange for compensation. The exact nature of an employee arrangement is important, since the applicability of payroll taxes and the responsibility for their remittance depends on whether someone is an employee. Thus, a person who performs services for a business may be categorized in ...