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  2. Tax withholding - Wikipedia

    The withheld taxes are then paid by the employer to the government body that requires payment, and applied to the account of the employee, if applicable. The employee may also be required by the government to file a tax return self-assessing one's tax and reporting withheld payments. Income taxes Wage withholding

  3. Income tax - Wikipedia

    Income taxes of workers are often collected by employers under a withholding or pay-as-you-earn tax system. Such collections are not necessarily final amounts of tax, as the worker may be required to aggregate wage income with other income and/or deductions to determine actual tax.

  4. Taxation in Sweden - Wikipedia

    Payroll tax. In 2018, the Swedish social security contribution paid by the employer is 31.42%, calculated on top of the employee's salary before taxes. The percentage is lower for old employees. The specifics of the payroll tax (National Insurance in UK English) may be found at the Swedish Tax Agency's Website.

  5. Income tax in Australia - Wikipedia

    An employee must quote to employers their Tax File Number (TFN) so the employer can withhold tax from their pay. While it is not an offence to fail to provide an employer, a bank or financial institution with a TFN, in the absence of this number, payers are required to withhold tax at the rate of 47% (the highest marginal rate plus Medicare ...

  6. Taxation in Israel - Wikipedia

    New immigrant will be exempt from paying taxes on their pension. Returning residents will be exempt from paying taxes on their pension for a period of 10 years. Tax benefits for new immigrant. New immigrants will enjoy tax deductions based on the following division: During the first 18 months – 3 tax credit points.

  7. Taxation in Belgium - Wikipedia

    In Belgium, there are many taxes connected with business such as corporate income tax (more specified in the Income Tax Code), payroll taxes on remuneration paid to employees and directors, VAT, transfer tax, insurance premium tax. Occasionally, certain regional or local taxes might appear, depending on the area where firm operates.

  8. Taxation in Colombia - Wikipedia

    Payroll taxes. Both the employer and the employee are subject to monthly payroll taxes from the employee's gross salary, as follows: Employer: Health plan - 8.5%; Occupational risk - 0.348% - 8.7%; ICFB (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar; Family Welfare) - 3%; CAJA (Cajas de compensación familiar; Family compensation funds) - 4%

  9. Church tax - Wikipedia

    If an employee's data indicate membership in a tax-collecting religious community, the employer must withhold church tax prepayments from their income in addition to other tax prepayments. In connection with the final annual income tax assessment, the state revenue authorities also finally assess the church tax owed.