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  2. Employee benefits - Wikipedia

    Benefits that are mandated are thought of as creating employee rights or entitlements, while discretionary benefits are intended to inspire employee loyalty and increase job satisfaction. Canada. Employee benefits in Canada usually refer to employer sponsored life, disability, health, and dental plans. Such group insurance plans are a top-up to ...

  3. Employee engagement - Wikipedia

    Employee engagement is a part of employee retention." This definition integrates the classic constructs of job satisfaction (Smith et al., 1969), and organizational commitment (Meyer & Allen, 1991). Defining employee engagement remains problematic.

  4. Job satisfaction - Wikipedia

    Strategic employee recognition is seen as the most important program not only to improve employee retention and motivation but also to positively influence the financial situation. The difference between the traditional approach (gifts and points) and strategic recognition is the ability to serve as a serious business influencer that can ...

  5. Onboarding - Wikipedia

    Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, is management jargon first created in the 1970s that refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to become effective organizational members and insiders.

  6. Grievance (labour) - Wikipedia

    Relationship to Labour Law. In the majority of cases, a grievance in a workplace is filed due to a breach of labour law. Though labour law can be different from country to country, there is a general understanding of this particular laws meaning and relationship to employees and employers.

  7. Performance management - Wikipedia

    Benefits of performance management Managing employee or system performance and aligning their objectives facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals . Some proponents argue there is a clear and immediate correlation between using performance management programs or software and improved business and organizational results.

  8. Layoff - Wikipedia

    By establishing severance payments as SUB-Pay benefits, the payments are not considered wages for FICA, FUTA, and SUI tax purposes, and employee FICA tax. To qualify for SUB-Pay benefits, the participant must be eligible for state unemployment insurance benefits and the separation benefit must be paid on a periodic basis.

  9. Wage theft - Wikipedia

    Wage theft is the denial of wages or employee benefits rightfully owed to an employee.It can be conducted by employers in various ways, among them failing to pay overtime; violating minimum-wage laws; the misclassification of employees as independent contractors, illegal deductions in pay; forcing employees to work "off the clock", not paying annual leave or holiday entitlements, or simply not ...