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  2. Comparison of webmail providers - Wikipedia

    Client-side encryption, automatic encryption of mailbox, automatic encryption of emails between Tutanota users, optional email encryption for messages from Tutanota to other providers. Yandex Mail. No ads, email for own domains (Yandex PDD), scheduled email delivery, SMS verification, sign-in via Twitter, VK, Facebook, Google Profile.

  3. List of cyberattacks - Wikipedia

    It attacked 150 million customers. RockYou – in 2009, the company experienced a data breach resulting in the exposure of over 32 million user accounts. Yahoo! – in 2012, hackers posted login credentials for more than 453,000 user accounts. Again in January 2013 and in January 2014.

  4. List of University of Miami faculty - Wikipedia

    1 College of Arts and Sciences. 2 School of Architecture. 3 School of Business. 4 School of Communication. 5 School of Law. 6 School of Marine and Atmospheric Studies. 7 School of Medicine. 8 School of Music. 9 School of Nursing and Health Studies.

  5. List of United States airmail stamps - Wikipedia

    2017 Total Solar Eclipse stamp. Airmails. 1918 Curtiss Jenny airmail stamps. 1930 Graf Zeppelin stamps. Inverted Jenny. List of United States airmail stamps.

  6. List of mail server software - Wikipedia

    This is a list of mail server software: mail transfer agents, mail delivery agents, and other computer software which provide e-mail Contents 1 Product statistics

  7. List of web browsers - Wikipedia

    This is a table of personal computer web browsers by year of release of major version. The increased growth of the Internet in the 1990s and 2000s means that current browsers with small market shares have more total users than the entire market early on.

  8. List of security hacking incidents - Wikipedia

    The worm would spread through e-mail client address books, and would search for documents and fill them with garbage, instead of deleting them to confuse the user. It would also hit a web page counter when it took control, allowing the programmer who created it as well as the world to track the progress of the worm.

  9. Excite (web portal) - Wikipedia

    Excite (stylised as eX̂cite) is an American web portal operated by IAC that provides a variety of outsourced content including news and weather, a metasearch engine, and a user homepage. In the United States, the main Excite homepage had long been a personal start page called My Excite.

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    related to: email login seznam