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  2. Doorway page - Wikipedia

    Identification. Doorway pages are often easy to identify in that they have been designed primarily for search engines, not for human beings. Sometimes a doorway page is copied from another high ranking page, but this is likely to cause the search engine to detect the page as a duplicate and exclude it from the search engine listings.

  3. Local search engine optimisation - Wikipedia

    Major search engines have algorithms that determine which local businesses rank in local search. Primary factors that impact a local business's chance of appearing in local search include proper categorization in business directories, a business's name, address, and phone number (NAP) being crawlable on the website, and citations (mentions of the local business on other relevant websites like ...

  4. Cost per impression - Wikipedia

    Purpose. Cost per impression, along with pay-per-click (PPC) and cost per order, is used to assess the cost-effectiveness and profitability of online advertising. Cost per impression is the closest online advertising strategy to those offered in other media such as television, radio or print, which sell advertising based on estimated viewership, listenership, or readership.

  5. Coroutine - Wikipedia

    Generators, also known as semicoroutines, are a subset of coroutines. Specifically, while both can yield multiple times, suspending their execution and allowing re-entry at multiple entry points, they differ in coroutines' ability to control where execution continues immediately after they yield, while generators cannot, instead transferring control back to the generator's caller.

  6. Zilog Z80 - Wikipedia

    Address width: 16 bits ... and wait state generator on the same chip. ... was a stand-alone portable email device, with a Z80-based microcontroller. ...

  7. Web of trust - Wikipedia

    Operation of a web of trust. All OpenPGP-compliant implementations include a certificate vetting scheme to assist with this; its operation has been termed a web of trust. . OpenPGP certificates (which include one or more public keys along with owner information) can be digitally signed by other users who, by that act, endorse the association of that public key with the person or entity listed ...

  8. Internet art - Wikipedia

    Nevertheless, the Internet is not reducible to the web, nor to search engines. Besides these unicast (point to point) applications,suggesting the existence of reference points, there is also a multicast (multipoint and uncentered) internet that has been explored by very few artistic experiences, such as the Poietic Generator. Internet art has ...

  9. Plain text - Wikipedia

    In computing, plain text is a loose term for data (e.g. file contents) that represent only characters of readable material but not its graphical representation nor other objects (floating-point numbers, images, etc.).