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  2. List of shootings in Colorado - Wikipedia

    There have been numerous shootings in Colorado, United States.. List. In the age of mass media, three Colorado massacres in the Denver metropolitan area made significant impacts on the national consciousness: the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, which resulted in 15 deaths (including the post-massacre suicides by the two perpetrators); the Aurora shooting in 2012, which resulted in 12 ...

  3. 2008 Colorado Amendment 51 - Wikipedia

    2008 Colorado Amendment 51. Colorado Amendment 51 was a citizen's initiative proposed by Wendy B. Rosanova of Centennial, CO, and Marijo Rymer, executive director of The Arc of Colorado. It was turned down by 62.4% of the voters. If it had passed, Amendment 51 would have amended the Colorado statutes to:

  4. Timeline of mining in Colorado - Wikipedia

    Ludlow. The Colorado Coalfield War (1913–14) began when about 12,000 coal miners when on strike in Ludlow on September 23. Some of the workers were forced from their home and established a tent city, and 26 people were killed on April 20, 1914 at the makeshift settlement by agents of the coal mine owners.

  5. Schizophrenia In America - The Huffington Post

    Under the Affordable Care Act, state and federal regulators could mandate that insurance companies cover all aspects of early intervention services. If Congress doubled or even tripled the money it set aside for early intervention in 2014, that would still cost less than $100 million a year—barely a dent in the federal budget.

  6. List of armed conflicts involving the United States - Wikipedia

    The history of armed conflicts involving the United States of America spans a period of more than four centuries. A period ranging from the early era of European colonization and the formation of the new national polity that would become the United States, to its evolvement through technological and political upheavals into a decisively modern republic and military force, and ascent onto the ...

  7. Denver District Attorney's Office - Wikipedia's...

    The Denver District Attorney's Office is responsible for the prosecution of state criminal violations in the Second Judicial District. Colorado has 64 counties within the 22 judicial districts in the State. The office is composed of approximately 75 attorneys and 125 support staff, who as a whole are responsible for more than 6,000 felony and ...

  8. History of abortion - Wikipedia

    The early Christian work called the Didache (before 100 CE) says: "do not murder a child by abortion or kill a new-born infant." [60] Tertullian , a 2nd- and 3rd-century Christian theologian argued that abortion should be performed only in cases in which abnormal positioning of the fetus in the womb would endanger the life of the pregnant woman.

  9. School-to-prison pipeline - Wikipedia

    School-to-prison pipeline. In the United States, the school-to-prison pipeline ( SPP ), also known as the school-to-prison link, school-prison nexus, or schoolhouse-to-jailhouse track, is the disproportionate tendency of minors and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to become incarcerated because of increasingly harsh school and ...

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