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  2. United Kingdom driving test - Wikipedia

    The Eyesight Test; Show Me, Tell Me Questions; Driving Faults (including examiner intervention) Test Length (40 minutes) The independent driving portion of the test will last approximately 30 minutes and, unlike GB, will never make use of a SatNav. All candidates will be required to follow road signs and/or verbal directions given by the examiner.

  3. Driving under the influence - Wikipedia

    Police often operate sobriety checkpoints without advance notice, and it is a criminal offense to refuse a sobriety test. Driving under the influence of alcohol results in suspension or disqualification of driver's license. United Kingdom. In United Kingdom law it is a criminal offence to be drunk in charge of a motor vehicle. The determination ...

  4. Standardized test - Wikipedia

    The teacher goes around the room and asks each student a different question. Some questions are harder than others. Driving Practical skills Each driving student is asked to do the same things, and they are all evaluated by the same standards. Some driving students have to drive on a highway, but others only have to drive slowly around the block.

  5. Driver CPC - Wikipedia

    The theory test is made up of 2 parts 1) a multiple choice test and 2) a hazard perception test. The multiple choice test lasts 1hr 55 minutes and contains 100 questions. The current pass mark is 85%. The hazard perception part of the theory test consists of 19 video clips, with a total of 20 score-able hazards. Every hazard is worth a maximum ...

  6. Driver licences in Australia - Wikipedia

    Class Type Description C: Car licence: Covers vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM). GVM is the maximum allowed weight of the vehicle when loaded. The licence allows the holder to drive cars, utilities, vans, some light trucks, car-based motor tricycles, tractors and implements such as graders, vehicles that seat up to 12 adults, including the driver.

  7. Stimming - Wikipedia

    Stimming can sometimes be self-injurious, such as when it involves head-banging, hand-biting, excessive self-rubbing, and scratching the skin. While it is difficult to stop stimming entirely, there are ways to reduce time spent stimming and create safer stimming habits for an individual.

  8. Snow tire - Wikipedia

    Such tires that have passed a specific winter traction performance test are entitled to display a 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snow Flake) symbol on their sidewalls. Tires designed for winter conditions are optimized to drive at temperatures below 7 °C (45 °F). Some snow tires have metal or ceramic studs that protrude from the tire to increase ...

  9. Road speed limit enforcement in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    A 2017 Freedom of Information request found that 52% of speed cameras in the UK were switched on. The report showed that four out of the 45 police forces in the UK had no working speed cameras and that West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Kent and Cheshire police forces had a quarter or less active cameras.