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  2. Drunk driving law by country - Wikipedia

    Caribbean. Bahamas: 0.08%; Cuba: 0 for young or inexperienced drivers and professional or commercial drivers, 0.05% for all other drivers; Dominican Republic: 0.05%; Jamaica: The law states that the legal alcohol limit is 35 μg/100 mL alcohol in breath or a blood alcohol level of 80 mg/100 mL alcohol in blood.

  3. Driver's license - Wikipedia's_license

    In 1949, the United Nations hosted the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic that standardised rules on roads, occupants, rules, signs, driver's permits and such. It specified that national "driving permits" should be pink and that an "International Driving Permit" for driving in a number of countries should have grey covers with white pages and that "The entire last page shall be drawn up in French".

  4. Driver's licenses in the United States - Wikipedia's_licenses_in_the...

    Use as identification and proof of age. Driver's licenses issued in the United States have a number or alphanumeric code issued by the issuing state's department of motor vehicles (or equivalent), usually show a photograph of the bearer, as well as a copy of the bearer's signature, the address of the bearer's primary residence, the type or class of license, restrictions, endorsements (if any ...

  5. List of Infinite Challenge episodes - Wikipedia

    The following is a list of episodes of the Korean reality-variety television comedy series Infinite Challenge (무한도전; Muhan Dojeon).. The show's regular run ended on March 31, 2018, after 563 episodes.

  6. Stimming - Wikipedia

    Stimming can sometimes be self-injurious, such as when it involves head-banging, hand-biting, excessive self-rubbing, and scratching the skin. While it is difficult to stop stimming entirely, there are ways to reduce time spent stimming and create safer stimming habits for an individual.

  7. Left- and right-hand traffic - Wikipedia

    Sweden switched to RHT in 1967, having been LHT from about 1734 despite having land borders with RHT countries, and approximately 90% of cars being left-hand drive (LHD). A referendum in 1955 overwhelmingly rejected a change to RHT, but a few years later the government ordered it, and it occurred on Sunday, 3 September 1967 at 5 am.

  8. Empty string - Wikipedia

    Formal theory. Formally, a string is a finite, ordered sequence of characters such as letters, digits or spaces. The empty string is the special case where the sequence has length zero, so there are no symbols in the string.

  9. List of The Bold and the Beautiful characters (1987–2012)

    The Bold and the Beautiful is a long-running American soap opera which has aired on CBS Daytime since March 23, 1987, and is the most-watched soap opera worldwide.. The following section comprises past and current characters that have appeared on the show that debuted between 1987 and 2012.