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  2. Full stop - Wikipedia

    U+002E . FULL STOP. The full stop ( Commonwealth English ), period ( North American English ), or full point ., is a punctuation mark. It is used for several purposes, most often to mark the end of a declarative sentence (as distinguished from a question or exclamation). This sentence-ending use, alone, defines the strictest sense of full stop.

  3. Decimal separator - Wikipedia

    A decimal separator is a symbol used to separate the integer part from the fractional part of a number written in decimal form (e.g. "." in 12.45). Different countries officially designate different symbols for use as the separator. The choice of symbol also affects the choice of symbol for the thousands separator used in digit grouping.

  4. The Ghost and Molly McGee - Wikipedia

    The Ghost and Molly McGee is an American animated supernatural comedy television series created by Bill Motz and Bob Roth for Disney Channel.A sneak peek of the show's theme song was first shown on May 1, 2021, during the network's "Halfway to Halloween" event, followed by the show's premiere on October 1, 2021.

  5. Thailand - Wikipedia

    Thailand is a middle power in global affairs and a founding member of ASEAN, and ranks very high in the Human Development Index. It has the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia and the 24th-largest in the world by PPP and ranks 85th by nominal GDP per capita.

  6. List of Latin-script letters - Wikipedia

    This is a list of letters of the Latin script.The definition of a Latin-script letter for this list is a character encoded in the Unicode Standard that has a script property of 'Latin' and the general category of 'Letter'.

  7. Thai script - Wikipedia

    The Thai script ( Thai: อักษรไทย, RTGS : akson thai) is the abugida used to write Thai, Southern Thai and many other languages spoken in Thailand. The Thai alphabet itself (as used to write Thai) has 44 consonant symbols ( Thai: พยัญชนะ, phayanchana ), 16 vowel symbols ( Thai: สระ, sara) that combine into at ...

  8. Nam Dok Mai - Wikipedia

    The 'Nam Dok Mai' mango ( Thai: น้ำดอกไม้, also spelled Nam Doc Mai) is a mango cultivar which originated in Thailand. It is the most popular mango variety in Thailand, and is grown commercially in Australia and Colombia as well, albeit as a minor variety. The Nam Dok Mai tree is medium-sized, potentially reaching heights of ...

  9. Thai language - Wikipedia

    Thai is the most spoken of over 60 languages of Thailand by both number of native and overall speakers. Over half of its vocabulary is derived from or borrowed from Pali, Sanskrit, Mon [5] and Old Khmer. It is a tonal and analytic language. Thai has a complex orthography and system of relational markers.