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  2. List of television stations in Thailand - Wikipedia

    National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (NBT2HD) 3. Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) 4. ALTV (ThaiPBS Active Learning TV) 5. Royal Thai Army Radio and Television (TV5 HD) 7. T Sports (7) 10. Thai Parliament Television (TPTV) 11. NBT Regional 11 (Broadcast in each region to 4 sectors, to consist of)

  3. Workpoint TV - Wikipedia

    Workpoint channel number 33, which was Workpoint channel number 1 of the dish box intended for receiving PSI satellite signals, was removed from the satellite system, including cable. High definition and regular clear visuals are used in most programs. As a result, Thai Broadcasting Co., Ltd. sold basic clear images through auctions.

  4. List of television stations in Bangkok - Wikipedia

    29 ( SDTV ) RTA2 MUX2. CH36 (594MHz) Bangkok. Bangkok. Bangkok ONE 31. Bangkok One 31 Co Ltd (under Bangkok The One Enterprise) 31 ( HDTV ) RTA2 MUX2.

  5. Digital terrestrial television in Thailand - Wikipedia

    The digital terrestrial television system was launched in Thailand in 2014. it employs DVB-T2 as its digital encoding standard. The Broadcast Commission (BC) under the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) announced in the last quarter of 2013 that it plans to give DTTV license through open auction within December 2013.

  6. List of television stations in Southeast Asia - Wikipedia

    SEATV (Southeast Asian Television) BTV News ETV PNN CTV8HD (Cambodia) Hang Meas HDTV (HMHDTV) Raksmey Hang Meas HDTV (RHMHDTV) Channels available on cable or satellite include: Cambodia News Channel CTN International Hang Meas TV (HMTV) PPCTV Channel 6 PPCTV Channel 9 PPCTV Channel 10 PPCTV Movie 1 PPCTV Sport One TV Karaoke One TV Cinema

  7. Television in Thailand - Wikipedia

    In Thailand, television broadcasting started on 24 June, 1955 (in NTSC ). Color telecasts ( PAL, System B/G 625 lines) were started in 1967, and full-time color transmissions were launched in 1975. As of November 2020, there are currently 21 digital ( DVB-T2) TV channels in Thailand . Television providers [ edit]

  8. List of Asian television stations - Wikipedia

    List of Asian television stations is a list of television stations which are notable in Asia. Notability refers to them being the dominant stations within their region/countries in terms of viewers. [1] [2] Main article: List of television stations in Central Asia. Main article: List of television stations in East Asia.