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  2. Thai television soap opera - Wikipedia

    Thai television soap opera. Lakorn is a popular genre of fiction in Thai television. They are known in Thai as ละครโทรทัศน์ ( RTGS : lakhon thorathat, lit. "television drama") or ละคร ( lakhon, pronounced [la.kʰɔːn], or lakorn ). They are shown generally at prime-time on Thai television channels, starting ...

  3. List of Thai television soap operas - Wikipedia

    Nai Fun (1992) - Chatchai Plengpanich, Warut, Sinjai, and Lalita Panyopas. Pai Lod Gor (1992) - Ann Thongprasom and Bpop Ponrath. One Nee Tee Raw Koy (1993) - Bird Thongchai McIntyre and Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit. Tawipob (1994) - Sarunyoo Wongkrachang and Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit. Yam Mur Lom Pat Huan (1994) - Jetrin Wattanasin and Lalita ...

  4. Nida Patcharaveerapong - Wikipedia

    Nida Patcharaveerapong (Thai: นิดา พัชรวีระพงษ์; 13 September 1984 — 24 February 2022), formerly and still colloquially known as Pattaratida Patcharaveerapong (ภัทรธิดา พัชรวีระพงษ์), better known by nickname Tangmo (แตงโม), was a famous Thai actress known for her main roles in several Thai dramas.

  5. Nueng Nai Suang - Wikipedia

    July 8, 2015. ( 2015-07-08) Nueng Nai Suang ( Thai: หนึ่งในทรวง) is a Thai television drama series starring Jirayu Tangsrisuk and Urassaya Sperbund. [1] It aired on Channel 3 from May 28 to July 8, 2015.

  6. Thongchai McIntyre - Wikipedia

    Thongchai McIntyre ( Thai: ธงไชย แมคอินไตย์, pronounced [tʰōŋ.tɕʰāj mɛ́k.ʔīn.tāj]; born Albert Thongchai McIntyre; 8 December 1958) is a Thai singer and actor. He is also sometimes known as Bird Thongchai, Phi Bird ("Older brother Bird") or simply Bird ( Thai pronunciation: [bɤ́ːt] ). He finished high ...

  7. Sornram Teppitak - Wikipedia

    Sornram Teppitak ( Thai: ศรราม เทพพิทักษ์, RTGS : Son-ram Thepphi-thak; also spelled as "Sornram Theppitak"; born August 22, 1973 in Thonburi side, [2] Bangkok, Thailand or nickname Num or Noom ( Thai: หนุ่ม; RTGS : Num) is a Thai actor and Thai pop singer after being a footballer. He has appeared in ...

  8. All the best places to click on when you want to get off - AOL

    3. xHamster. OK, xHamster is pretty similar to Pornhub if we're being honest here. xHamster is, as the name suggests, another XXX site that's chock full of free porn. 4. FrolicMe. As Mashable's ...

  9. List of banned films - Wikipedia

    After the Catholic Church expressed its indignation, the head of the Film Institute was fired and the film was banned for sixteen years. [425] 1964. El extraño viaje. Directed by Fernando Fernán Gómez, based on an idea from Luis García Berlanga, which was based on a real story of two brothers from Haro, La Rioja.