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  2. Silamanee - Wikipedia

    Silamanee ( Thai: ศิลามณี; RTGS : Sila Mani; "Quartz") is a Thai costume soap drama (known in Thai as a lakhon thorathat, lakhon or lakorn) with the byline: "The love test of a royal princess and a proud man". [1] The show is a remake of a 1994 drama of the same name [1] [2] that was originally based on a novel. [3]

  3. Nang Tard - Wikipedia

    12 May 2008. ( 2008-05-12) Nang Tard ( Thai: นางทาส, RTGS : Nang That, IPA: [naːŋ tʰâːt], means The Slave Girl but its international title is The Slave) is a Thai period drama lakorn, remade from a 1993 lakorn of the same name. [1] The lakorn stars Suvanant Kongying and Vee Veerapat in the main roles with several talented ...

  4. Sapai Look Tung - Wikipedia

    Sapai Look Tung. Sapai Look Tung ( Thai: สะใภ้ลูกทุ่ง; RTGS : Sa-phai Luk Thung; "Country Daughter-in-law") is a Thai Romance Comedy Lakorn, produced by Channel 3, a famous Thai television channel. The lakorn starring by Mart Krissada and Janie Tienposuwan as the leading roles as well as Notable supporting cast includes ...

  5. Dome Thong - Wikipedia

    Virongrong or Plubplung (a lily flower in Thai language) is a Bangkok girl. Those who graduated from the United States traveled to the Dome Thong, a large mansion far away. It is a very large place. However, there was a mysterious and horrible location and the people who lived here were all bizarre. At the night she saw a mystery man wearing ...

  6. Poot Mae Nam Khong - Wikipedia

    The lakorn starring by Weir Sukollawat and Jui Warattaya as the Main roles and Morakot Aimee Kittisara as the ghost. Summary [ edit] Every river has its own soul as vengeance never dies. Dr. Akkanee and his crew travels to a village that is old fashion and superstitious to study the paranormal and that prove that it is not true.

  7. Khluen Chiwit - Wikipedia

    It is considered to be the highest rated Lakorn of Channel 3 in 2017. Khluen Chiwit is one of the Thai dramas that became phenomenal in recent years in China. It tops the list of most-watched on Bilibili, and other popular video streaming websites in China. [4]

  8. Nuer Mek 2 - Wikipedia

    Nuer Mek 2 ( Thai: เหนือเมฆ 2 มือปราบจอมขมังเวทย์; RTGS : Nuea Mek Song: Mue Prap Chom Khamang Wet) was a Thai action/drama lakorn that aired on Channel 3 and the sequel to 2010s Nuer Mek, it starred Prin Suparat and Chalida Vijitvongthong. It was terminated by Channel 3 on 4 January 2013 ...