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  2. List of presidents of the United States by net worth - Wikipedia

    The figures in the table below are all derived from 24/7 Wall St.'s 2035 valuation of each president's peak net worth. For purposes of 24/7 Wall St.'s valuation, a president's peak net worth may occur after that president has left office. To allow for a direct comparison, all of the figures have been adjusted for inflation to 2016 U.S. dollars.

  3. Carolus Rex (album) - Wikipedia

    Carolus Rex is the sixth studio album by Swedish power metal band Sabaton.It is a concept album based on the rise and fall of the Swedish Empire, whose monarch Charles XII gives it its title.

  4. Loss ratio - Wikipedia

    For example, if an insurance company pays $60 in claims for every $100 in collected premiums, then its loss ratio is 60% with a profit ratio/gross margin of 40% or $40. Some portion of those 40 dollars must pay all operating costs (things such as overhead and payroll), and what is left is the net profit.

  5. This is a list of first-level country subdivisions which have a nominal gross state product in excess of $200 billion. There are almost 100 subdivisions that have more than $200 billion GDP.

  6. National debt of the United States - Wikipedia

    The Treasury anticipated that the total "net marketable debt"—net marketable securities—issued in the fourth quarter would reach $425 billion; which would raise the 2018 "total debt issuance" to over a trillion dollars of new debt, representing a "146% jump from 2017".

  7. Qing dynasty coinage - Wikipedia

    Prior to the establishment of the Qing dynasty, the Aisin Gioro clan established the Later Jin dynasty, named after the Jin dynasty of the Wanyan clan. Nurhaci had united the many tribes of the Jianzhou and Haixi Jurchens under the leadership of the Aisin Gioro clan, and later ordered the creation of Manchu script based on the Mongolian vertical script.

  8. Agriculture in Australia - Wikipedia

    There are three main zones: the high rainfall zone of Tasmania and a narrow coastal zone (used principally for dairying and beef production); wheat, sheep zone (cropping (principally winter crops), and the grazing of sheep (for wool, lamb and mutton) plus beef cattle) and the pastoral zone (characterised by low rainfall, less fertile soils, and large scale pastoral activities involving the ...

  9. List of Israelis by net worth - Wikipedia

    Known debt is subtracted from assets to get a final estimate of an individual's estimated worth in United States dollars. Since stock prices fluctuate rapidly, an individual's true wealth and ranking at the time of publication may vary from their situation when the list was compiled.