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  2. Walt Disney World Monorail System - Wikipedia

    The system opened with the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort on October 1, 1971. It initially featured four stations: the Transportation and Ticket Center, Disney's Polynesian Resort, the Magic Kingdom and Disney's Contemporary Resort. The Epcot line and station were added during that park's construction, opening on October 1, 1982.

  3. Web portal - Wikipedia

    A web portal is a specially designed website that brings information from diverse sources, like emails, online forums and search engines, together in a uniform way. Usually, each information source gets its dedicated area on the page for displaying information (a portlet ); often, the user can configure which ones to display.

  4. Quasimodo - Wikipedia

    Quasimodo (from Quasimodo Sunday) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1831) by Victor Hugo.Quasimodo was born with kyphosis and feared by the townspeople as a monster.

  5. Project X - Wikipedia

    A scandal involving Department of Homeland Security employee Laura Callahan; An early code name for the Walt Disney World Resort; Code name for the development of the Messerschmitt Me 163 World War II aircraft; See also. Weapon X (disambiguation)

  6. ImageMovers - Wikipedia

    ImageMovers (IM), known as South Side Amusement Company until 1997, is an American production company which produces CGI animation, motion-capture, live-action films and television shows.

  7. List of Donald Duck universe characters - Wikipedia

    Woodlore's name appeared on the entrance sign at Disneyland's Bear Country land, as the resident park ranger and can also be heard doing the safety spiel for Grizzly River Run at Disney California Adventure after a 2019 refurbishment. Woodlore appears as a guest in Disney's House of Mouse.

  8. Ratatouille (film) - Wikipedia

    Ratatouille is a 2007 American computer-animated comedy-drama film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The eighth film produced by Pixar, it was written and directed by Brad Bird, who took over from Jan Pinkava in 2005, and produced by Brad Lewis, from an original idea by Jan Pinkava.

  9. Chuck Roberson - Wikipedia

    Charles Hugh Roberson (May 10, 1919 – June 8, 1988) was an American actor and stuntman. He was nicknamed "Bad Chuck" by director John Ford, for whom he worked many times, to distinguish him from "Good Chuck," stuntman Chuck Hayward.