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  2. Duck family (Disney) - Wikipedia

    In the story "The Sign of The Triple Distelfink" (1998), Don Rosa explains that Gladestone's good luck was inherited from his mother, after a traveling worker painted a giant sign of the "Triple Distelfink" on her parents' stable on the day of her birth. The symbol was supposed to bring the baby luck, and it did: Daphne was always incredibly lucky.

  3. Volstagg - Wikipedia

    Volstagg first appeared in Journey into Mystery #119 (August, 1965), and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.. He is not taken from Norse (or any other) mythology but is an original creation, modeled on Shakespeare's Falstaff in character and name.

  4. Pixar - Wikipedia

    The completion of Disney's Pixar acquisition, however, nullified this distribution arrangement. Disney subsidiary (2006–present) In January 2006, Disney ultimately agreed to buy Pixar for approximately $7.4 billion in an all-stock deal. Following Pixar shareholder approval, the acquisition was completed May 5, 2006. The transaction catapulted ...

  5. Cars (film) - Wikipedia

    Cars is a 2006 American computer-animated sports comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.The film was directed by John Lasseter from a screenplay by Dan Fogelman, Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Kiel Murray, Phil Lorin, and Jorgen Klubien and a story by Lasseter, Ranft, and Klubien, and was the final film independently produced by Pixar after its purchase by ...

  6. ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter - Wikipedia

    Water sprinklers and air blasters mounted in the row in front (like the ones used in Disney's "4D" movie theaters) were used to simulate the dripping of either the creature's drool or blood from an attacked worker in the scaffolding above the theater (played by a cast member carrying a flashlight using pre-recorded dialog) and to simulate the ...

  7. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series - Wikipedia

    The rest of the cast was announced on February 15, 2019, including Sofia Wylie as Gina, Kate Reinders as Miss Jenn, and Olivia Rodrigo as Nini. Federle confirmed in November 2019 that an unnamed cast member from the original film would make a cameo appearance through a fantasy sequence.

  8. Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway - Wikipedia's_Runaway...

    Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway is a trackless dark ride located within Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida. A second upcoming location will be located in Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The attraction is the first ride-through attraction at a Disney theme park to be themed to Mickey Mouse.

  9. Rogue One - Wikipedia

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (or simply Rogue One) is a 2016 American epic space opera film directed by Gareth Edwards.The screenplay by Chris Weitz and Tony Gilroy is from a story by John Knoll and Gary Whitta.