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  2. PhotoDNA - Wikipedia

    Microsoft originally used PhotoDNA on its own services including Bing and OneDrive. As of 2022, PhotoDNA was widely used by online service providers for their content moderation efforts [10] [33] [34] including Google 's Gmail , Twitter , [35] Facebook , [36] Adobe Systems , [37] Reddit , [38] Discord .

  3. Ninite - Wikipedia

    When run, the installer downloads and installs the selected programs. Ninite's installer always downloads the latest version of the program. This is accomplished by downloading a regularly-updated list of applications and their download URLs from the Ninite servers each time the program is run.

  4. Pokki - Wikipedia

    Pokki is a free digital distribution platform and Windows Shell extension by SweetLabs, Inc. that alters the start menu to a look and feel like the second generation start menu used before Windows 8. The extension also adds additional functionality to the start menu including search, favorites, and popular applications.

  5. Zune software - Wikipedia

    Zune devices, Windows Phone devices and the Microsoft Kin phones permit the download and streaming of music; Windows Phone devices additionally allow the download of applications. Pricing. Purchases are made in the Microsoft Points currency, which can also be used to purchase content from Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live marketplaces. The ...

  6. Ovi (Nokia) - Wikipedia

    As part of Nokia's new range of Windows Phone smartphones, Ovi became less important as it used Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace. Most of the constituent services were either closed or integrated into Microsoft's own services after its acquisition of Nokia devices and services division in 2014. See also. N-Gage 2.0; Download! Club Nokia

  7. Skype for Business - Wikipedia

    Windows (Pro and Enterprise only, can download free Skype for Business Basic client) and macOS (included with Office 365) Linux (provided by TEL.RED) iOS (Microsoft app in iTunes app store; alternative client provided by TEL.RED) Android (Microsoft app in Google Play; alternative client provided by TEL.RED)

  8. BlueStacks - Wikipedia

    The App Player, software that virtualizes an Android OS, can be downloaded in versions for Windows 10 and macOS. The software's basic features are free to download and use. Advanced optional features require a paid monthly subscription. The company claims the App Player can run 1.5 million Android apps as of November 2019.

  9. Club Nokia - Wikipedia

    To download content, users were required to purchase credits obtained from authorised Nokia dealerships. [11] [12] Content included additional game levels for e.g. Space Impact . [13] [14] The picture messaging service was launched in Finland in December 1999.