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  2. Discord - Wikipedia

    Discord, an album by Ryuichi Sakamoto; Discord, an album by Stewart Walker "Discord", a 2006 single by The Fire Engines "Fukyōwaon" (不協和音, Discord), a 2017 single by Keyakizaka46 "Discord", a song by After Forever, featured on their album After Forever; Places. Discord, Iowa, a community in the United States

  3. Saenchai - Wikipedia

    Discord with Khamsing. Saenchai visited Japan twice to fight and Khamsing agreed at those times, but Khamsing disagreed the third time. Although Khamsing tried to stop Saenchai from going to Japan, he went there with some Muay Thai fighters from another gym.

  4. PhotoDNA - Wikipedia

    PhotoDNA is an image-identification technology used for detecting child pornography and other illegal content reported to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) as required by law.

  5. List of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic characters ...

    Discord is a draconequus (a dragon-like creature with body parts from different animals) and the spirit of chaos and disharmony. A thousand years ago, Discord once ruled Equestria in a state of unrest and unhappiness, until Princess Celestia and Princess Luna used the Elements of Harmony to turn him into stone.

  6. Category:Songs by year - Wikipedia

    Songs by the year in which they were written, or first performed, published, recorded, or released.

  7. Principia Discordia - Wikipedia

    The Principia Discordia is a Discordian religious text written by Greg Hill (Malaclypse the Younger) with Kerry Wendell Thornley (Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst). The first edition was printed allegedly using Jim Garrison's Xerox printer in 1963.

  8. Fatah - Wikipedia

    Fatah (Arabic: فتح Fatḥ), formerly the Palestinian National Liberation Movement, is a Palestinian nationalist social democratic political party and the largest faction of the confederated multi-party Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and second-largest party in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).

  9. Hidden Expedition - Wikipedia

    Hidden Expedition is a series of single-player hidden object casual games developed by the internal studios of Big Fish Games for the first five installments (using Big Fish Games Framework as the engine, and with the help of Flood Light Games in the 5th game), and by Eipix Entertainment for all subsequent installments.