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  2. Directorate of Primary Education - Wikipedia

    Directorate of Primary Education ( Bengali: প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা অধিদপ্তর) is an autonomous government department responsible for the administration of primary schools in Bangladesh. It is also responsible for the training of primary school teachers in various training institutions operated by the directorate. It is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  3. Education in Bangladesh - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is responsible for implementing policy for primary education and state-funded schools at a local level. In Bangladesh, all citizens must undertake ten years of compulsory education which consists of five years at primary school level and five years at high school level.

  4. National Academy for Primary Education - Wikipedia

    National Academy for Primary Education is a Bangladesh Government academy responsible for providing training to government primary school teachers and is located in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. It is one of 25 key government administration training institutions. History

  5. List of primary education systems by country - Wikipedia

    In Bangladesh, students attend primary schools for six years. Primary/secondary education in Bangladesh is segregated as Primary (Pre school 1 Year + Class 1 -5), Junior High School (Class 6 - Class-10) and Higher Secondary or intermediate (11th and 12th Class) are as follows :

  6. Primary education - Wikipedia

    Primary education is typically the first stage of formal education, coming after preschool / kindergarten and before secondary school. Primary education takes place in primary school, the elementary school or first and middle school depending on the location.

  7. Bangladesh - Wikipedia

    Bangladesh is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic based on the Westminster system. Bengalis make up 98% of the total population of Bangladesh, and the large Muslim population of Bangladesh makes it the third-largest Muslim-majority country. The country consists of eight divisions, 64 districts and 495 subdistricts.

  8. List of cadet colleges in Bangladesh - Wikipedia

    Cadet College is a residential special high school and college established in East Pakistan, present day Bangladesh on the model of English public schools. It was put under the direct management and supervision of the armed forces of the country and military education was made compulsory in it.

  9. List of countries by spending on education (% of GDP)

    List of countries by spending on education (% of GDP) Country or subnational area Expenditure on education (% of GDP) Year Source Cuba: 12.9 2012 Micronesia: 12.5 2015 Marshall Islands: 12.2 2003 Kiribati: 12.0 2001 Somaliland: 9.6 2021 Djibouti: 8.4 2012 Namibia: 8.4 2012 Norway: 8.0 2016 Botswana: 7.8 2012 Sweden: 7.7