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  2. MyBenefits - AOL Help

    Visit to activate this benefit. Or, call 1-800-358-4860 to sign up for a plan today!

  3. Descartes Systems Group - Wikipedia

    The Descartes Systems Group Inc. (commonly referred to as Descartes) is a Canadian multinational technology company specializing in logistics software, supply chain management software, and cloud -based services for logistics businesses.

  4. Passions of the Soul - Wikipedia

    It is with these six primary passions ( wonder, love, hate, desire, joy, and sadness) that Descartes begins his investigation on their physiological effects and their influence on human behavior. He then follows by combining the six passions to create a holistic picture of the passions. The work is itself divided into three parts, titled:

  5. The World (book) - Wikipedia

    Descartes' Le Monde, 1664 The World, also called Treatise on the Light ( French title: Traité du monde et de la lumière ), is a book by René Descartes (1596–1650). Written between 1629 and 1633, it contains a nearly complete version of his philosophy, from method, to metaphysics, to physics and biology .

  6. René Descartes - Wikipediaé_Descartes

    “Yesterday morning about four o'clock a.m. has deceased here at the house of His Excellency Mr. Chanut, French ambassador, Mr. Descartes. As I have been informed, he had been ill for a few days with pleurisy. But as he did not want to take or use medicines, a hot fever appears to have arisen as well.

  7. Rules for the Direction of the Mind - Wikipedia

    In 1628 René Descartes began work on an unfinished treatise regarding the proper method for scientific and philosophical thinking entitled Regulae ad directionem ingenii, or Rules for the Direction of the Mind. The work was eventually published in 1701 after Descartes' lifetime. [1]

  8. La Géométrie - Wikipediaéométrie

    René Descartes Philosophy Works People v t e La Géométrie was published in 1637 as an appendix to Discours de la méthode ( Discourse on the Method ), written by René Descartes. In the Discourse, he presents his method for obtaining clarity on any subject.