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  2. Is Kraft Foods' Management Creating Value? -

    Warren Buffett's partner, Charlie Munger, once said, "I think I've been in the top 5% of my age cohort all my life in understanding the power of incentives, and all my life I've underestimated it.

  3. Stocks in the News: Kraft Foods, Merck, Barclays - AOL

    The following is a round-up of news likely to affect stock prices today: Kraft Foods (KFT) said fourth-quarter profit more than tripled to $710 million, or 48 cents a share, as business improved ...

  4. Talk:Kraft Foods/Archives/2014 - Wikipedia

    Kraft Foods Group is a company that was formed in 2012. Any history relating to "Kraft" before then does not relate to Kraft Foods Group - it relates to Mondelez. Gfcvoice 11:29, 17 February 2014 (UTC) This artice currently has many paragraphs of shared content with the Mondelez article. It needs to be in one of the articles, not both.

  5. Talk:Kraft Foods/Archives/2015 - Wikipedia

    Kraft-Heinz merger. I just added the brief and will do more in a few hours. Would appreciate if anybody also decides to edit the article on the matter.-

  6. Wikipedia:Did you know/Statistics/Monthly DYK pageview ...

    WP:DYKW. v. t. e. This DYK STATS/Archive 2020 page is an archive of the monthly DYKSTATS leaders for each month in 2020, recognizing the DYK entries that have received the most page views while being featured on DYK. On an important note: Please do not see this list as a competition, but rather a celebration of some of the most effective DYK hooks.

  7. Wikipedia:Vital articles/List of all articles - Wikipedia

    0 (1) 0 1 (102) 1 · 1 Maccabees · 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane · 1,2-rearrangement · 1,4-Dioxane · 10 · 10 Hygiea · 10,000 metres · 100 metres · 100 metres freestyle · 10th Dalai Lama · 11th Dalai Lama · 12 Angry Men (1957 film) · 120-cell · 12th Dalai Lama · 13th Dalai Lama · 14th Dalai Lama · 1500 metres · 1556 Shaanxi earthquake · 16-bit computing · 16-cell · 16th Street ...

  8. Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Science/January 2006

    So there is a difference during the year of approximately 5 million km. The Earth is closest to the Sun in July January and furthest away in January July. David D. (Talk) 05:52, 5 January 2006 (UTC) Actually this year Earth was at closest, perihelion, on Jan 4 (yesterday), it will be farthermost away, aphelion, July 3.

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    related to: descartes cube route login kraft food