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  2. Descartes Systems Group - Wikipedia

    US$ 821.7 million (2020) Number of employees. 1600+. Website. www .descartes .com. The Descartes Systems Group Inc. (commonly referred to as Descartes) is a Canadian multinational technology company specializing in logistics software, supply chain management software, and cloud -based services for logistics businesses.

  3. René Descartes - Wikipedia

    René Descartes (/ d eɪ ˈ k ɑːr t / or UK: / ˈ d eɪ k ɑːr t /; French: [ʁəne dekaʁt] (); Latinized: Renatus Cartesius; 31 March 1596 – 11 February 1650: 58 ) was a French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist who invented analytic geometry, linking the previously separate fields of geometry and algebra.

  4. Archimedes - Wikipedia

    The Death of Archimedes (1815) by Thomas Degeorge Archimedes was born c. 287 BC in the seaport city of Syracuse, Sicily, at that time a self-governing colony in Magna Graecia. The date of birth is based on a statement by the Byzantine Greek historian John Tzetzes that Archimedes lived for 75 years before his death in 212 BC.

  5. Cartesian coordinate system - Wikipedia

    A Cartesian coordinate system (UK: / k ɑː ˈ t iː zj ə n /, US: / k ɑːr ˈ t i ʒ ə n /) in a plane is a coordinate system that specifies each point uniquely by a pair of numerical coordinates, which are the signed distances to the point from two fixed perpendicular oriented lines, measured in the same unit of length.

  6. One-dimensional space - Wikipedia

    In physics and mathematics, a sequence of n numbers can specify a location in n-dimensional space.When n = 1, the set of all such locations is called a one-dimensional space.An example of a one-dimensional space is the number line, where the position of each point on it can be described by a single number.

  7. Dimension - Wikipedia

    In mathematics. In mathematics, the dimension of an object is, roughly speaking, the number of degrees of freedom of a point that moves on this object. In other words, the dimension is the number of independent parameters or coordinates that are needed for defining the position of a point that is constrained to be on the object.

  8. André Warusfel - Wikipedia

    André Warusfel (1 December 1936 – 6 June 2016) was a French mathematician and an alumnus of the École Normale Supérieure.. He taught for many years in preparatory classes, mainly in high schools Henri IV and Louis-le-Grand.

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    related to: descartes cube route login kraft books