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  2. Business Center - Wikipedia

    Business Center is business network CNBC 's flagship primetime show that aired in 5 to 7 pm ET timeslot, hosted by Ron Insana and Sue Herera, and it was replaced by Bullseye on December 5, 2003. Contents 1 History 2 Business Center anchors 3 Business Center Reporters 4 Worldwide Business Center History [ edit]

  3. Central business district - Wikipedia

    A central business district ( CBD) is the commercial and business center of a city. It contains commercial space and offices. In larger cities, it is often synonymous with the city's financial district. Geographically, it often coincides with the "city center" or "downtown".

  4. Business Center (TV program) - Wikipedia

    Business Center is a primetime a business news television program that was broadcast on CNBC Asia. It debuted in October 2000 to replace the Asian Edition of Global Market Watch.

  5. Data center management - Wikipedia

    Data center management [1] is the collection of tasks performed by those responsible for managing ongoing operation of a data center [2] This includes Business service management and planning for the future. Historically, data center management was seen as something performed by employees, with the help of tools collectively called Data Center ...

  6. Data center - Wikipedia

    A data center(American English)[1]or data centre(British English)[2][note 1]is a building, a dedicated space within a building, or a group of buildings[3]used to house computer systemsand associated components, such as telecommunicationsand storage systems. [4][5]

  7. Center of excellence - Wikipedia

    Within an organization, a center of excellence may refer to a group of people, a department or a shared facility. It may also be known as a competency center, or as a capability center, or as an excellence center.

  8. Shared services center - Wikipedia

    A shared services center – a center for shared services in an organization – is the entity responsible for the execution and the handling of specific operational tasks, such as accounting, human resources, payroll, IT, legal, compliance, purchasing, security.