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  2. Cube Route - Wikipedia

    Cube Route is a fantasy novel by British-American writer Piers Anthony, the twenty-seventh book of the Xanth series. [1] Pangrammatic window [ edit] The shortest known published pangrammatic window, a stretch of naturally occurring text that contains all the letters in the alphabet, is found on page 98 of the 2004 First Mass Market Edition.

  3. Hypercube internetwork topology - Wikipedia

    E-Cube routing is a static routingmethod that employs XY-routing algorithm. This is commonly referred to as Deterministic, DimensionOrdered Routingmodel. E-Cube routing works by traversing the network in the kthdimension where k is the least significant non-zero bit in the result of calculating distance.

  4. Kraft process - Wikipedia

    Kraft process International Paper: Kraft paper mill Woodchips for paper production The kraft process (also known as kraft pulping or sulfate process) is a process for conversion of wood into wood pulp, which consists of almost pure cellulose fibres, the main component of paper.

  5. Kraft Foods - Wikipedia

    On October 1, 2012, Kraft Foods Inc. spun off its North American grocery business to a new company called Kraft Foods Group, Inc. The remainder of Kraft Foods Inc. was renamed Mondelēz International, Inc., and was refocused as an international snack and confection company. [10]

  6. Cube mapping - Wikipedia

    In computer graphics, cube mapping is a method of environment mapping that uses the six faces of a cube as the map shape. The environment is projected onto the sides of a cube and stored as six square textures, or unfolded into six regions of a single texture.

  7. Cube root - Wikipedia

    In mathematics, a cube rootof a number xis a number ysuch that y3= x. All nonzero real numbers, have exactly one real cube root and a pair of complex conjugatecube roots, and all nonzero complex numbershave three distinct complex cube roots.

  8. Optimal solutions for Rubik's Cube - Wikipedia

    These cube rotations are used in algorithms to make the algorithms smoother and faster. As with regular turns, a 2 signifies a half rotation and a prime (') indicates a quarter rotation in the opposite direction. Note that these letters are usually lowercase instead. Lower bounds[edit]

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    related to: cube route kraft