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  2. Baltimore–Washington Superconducting Maglev Project–Washington...

    The Baltimore–Washington Superconducting Maglev Project (SCMAGLEV) is a proposed project connecting the United States cities of Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., with a 40 mi (64 km) maglev train system between their respective central business districts. It is the first segment of the planned Washington-New York Northeast Maglev ...

  3. List of Metrobus routes in Washington, D.C. - Wikipedia

    Routes 54, 70, 90, A6, A8, B2, H4, S4, V4, W4, and X2 were the only routes that ran during the weekends with the rest of the routes suspended. [5] On August 23, 2020, more routes came back during the weekdays and weekends returning Metrobus service to 75%. [6] Routes [ edit] Most DC Metrobus routes operate inside the Washington DC borders.

  4. Interstate 295 (Maryland–District of Columbia) - Wikipedia

    Interstate 295(I-295) in the US stateof Marylandand in Washington, D.C., also known as the Anacostia Freeway, is a six-mile (9.7 km) auxiliary Interstate Highwayconnecting I-95/I-495and Maryland Route 210(MD 210; Indian Head Highway) near the Potomac River(just outside DC's boundary with Maryland) to I-695and District of Columbia Route

  5. Interstate 695 (District of Columbia) - Wikipedia

    I-695 was to travel from I-295 over the 11th Street Bridges, turning west on what is now I-695 to end at I-95 (now I-395). Soon—possibly by 1958, when numbers were assigned—I-95 between Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington DC was shifted to a new alignment, splitting from the US 50 corridor northeast of Washington Union Station.

  6. List of Interstate Highways in Washington, D.C. - Wikipedia

    I-295 comes up from the south starting at the eastern edge of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge on the Beltway and crosses the Anacostia River into downtown, linking up with I-395 (the Southwest Freeway), a major commuter route extending from New York Avenue to the Beltway and Interstate 95 in Springfield, Virginia, via I-695 (the Southeast Freeway).

  7. List of U.S. Highways in Washington, D.C. - Wikipedia

    List of U.S. Highways in Washington, D.C. Talk Read Edit View history In Washington, D.C., United States Numbered Highways comprise 10 current and former highways. U.S. Highways [ edit] See also [ edit] U.S. Roads portal References [ edit] ^ Bureau of Public Roads & American Association of State Highway Officials (November 11, 1926).

  8. List of numbered highways in Washington, D.C. - Wikipedia

    District of Columbia Routes are numbered highways maintained by District of Columbia 's District Department of Transportation (DDOT). In addition to these routes, there are several Interstate and United States Numbered Highways that pass through Washington, D.C.