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  2. Cube root - Wikipedia

    Number whose cube is a given number Plot of y= 3√x. The plot is symmetric with respect to origin, as it is an odd function. At x= 0this graph has a vertical tangent. A unit cube (side = 1) and a cube with twice the volume (side = 3√2= 1.2599... OEIS: A002580). In mathematics, a cube rootof a number xis a number ysuch that y3= x.

  3. Hypercube internetwork topology - Wikipedia

    E-Cube routing is a static routingmethod that employs XY-routing algorithm. This is commonly referred to as Deterministic, DimensionOrdered Routingmodel. E-Cube routing works by traversing the network in the kthdimension where k is the least significant non-zero bit in the result of calculating distance.

  4. Optimal solutions for Rubik's Cube - Wikipedia

    The cube restricted to only the corners, not looking at the edges; The cube restricted to only 6 edges, not looking at the corners nor at the other edges. The cube restricted to the other 6 edges. Clearly the number of moves required to solve any of these subproblems is a lower bound for the number of moves needed to solve the entire cube.

  5. Cube mapping - Wikipedia

    In computer graphics, cube mapping is a method of environment mapping that uses the six faces of a cube as the map shape. The environment is projected onto the sides of a cube and stored as six square textures, or unfolded into six regions of a single texture. The cube map is generated by first rendering the scene six times from a viewpoint ...

  6. Doubling the cube - Wikipedia

    In algebraic terms, doubling a unit cube requires the construction of a line segment of length x, where x 3 = 2; in other words, x = , the cube root of two. This is because a cube of side length 1 has a volume of 1 3 = 1, and a cube of twice that volume (a volume of 2) has a side length of the cube root of 2. The impossibility of doubling the ...

  7. Cube - Wikipedia

    (Top) 1Orthogonal projections 2Spherical tiling 3Cartesian coordinates 4Equation in three dimensional space 5Formulas Toggle Formulas subsection 5.1Point in space 6Doubling the cube 7Uniform colorings and symmetry 8Geometric relations 9In Theology 10Other dimensions 11Related polyhedra Toggle Related polyhedra subsection

  8. Cubic graph - Wikipedia

    Cubic graphs are also formed as the graphs of simple polyhedrain three dimensions, polyhedra such as the regular dodecahedronwith the property that three faces meet at every vertex. Representation of a planar embedding as a graph-encoded map

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    related to: cube route chart