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  2. Talk:Cube root - Wikipedia

    The new text would read: "In mathematics, a cube root of a number, denoted. x 3 {\displaystyle {\sqrt [ {3}] {x}}} or x 1/3, is a number a such that a3 = x. All real numbers have exactly one real cube root and 2 complex roots, and all nonzero complex numbers have 3 distinct complex cube roots."

  3. Cube attack - Wikipedia

    The cube attack is a method of cryptanalysis applicable to a wide variety of symmetric-key algorithms, published by Itai Dinur and Adi Shamir in a September 2008 preprint. Attack [ edit ] A revised version of this preprint was placed online in January 2009, [1] and the paper has also been accepted for presentation at Eurocrypt 2009.

  4. The Cube Root of Uncertainty - Wikipedia

    The Cube Root of Uncertainty is a collection of science fiction short stories by American writer Robert Silverberg, published in hardcover by Macmillan in 1970 and issued in paperback by Collier Books in 1971. No further editions have been issued. Contents "Introduction" "Passengers" (Orbit 4 1968) "Double Dare" (Galaxy 1956)

  5. Straightedge and compass construction - Wikipedia

    Doubling the cube is the construction, using only a straight-edge and compass, of the edge of a cube that has twice the volume of a cube with a given edge. This is impossible because the cube root of 2, though algebraic, cannot be computed from integers by addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and taking square roots.

  6. Cubic foot - Wikipedia

    0.02831685 m 3. The cubic foot (symbol ft3 or cu ft) is an imperial and US customary (non-metric) unit of volume, used in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is defined as the volume of a cube with sides of one foot ( 0.3048 m) in length. Its volume is 28.3168 L (about 1⁄35 of a cubic metre ).

  7. Square root of 3 - Wikipedia

    The square root of 3 is the positive real number that, when multiplied by itself, gives the number 3. It is denoted mathematically as √ 3 or 31/2. It is more precisely called the principal square root of 3, to distinguish it from the negative number with the same property. The square root of 3 is an irrational number.

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