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  2. Operation Paperclip - Wikipedia

    Operation Paperclip was a secret United States intelligence program in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians were taken from the former Nazi Germany to the U.S. for government employment after the end of World War II in Europe, between 1945 and 1959.

  3. Glossary of nautical terms (A-L) - Wikipedia

    A AAW An acronym for anti-aircraft warfare. aback (of a sail) Filled by the wind on the opposite side to the one normally used to move the vessel forward.On a square-rigged ship, any of the square sails can be braced round to be aback, the purpose of which may be to reduce speed (such as when a ship-of-the-line is keeping station with others), to heave to, or to assist moving the ship's head ...

  4. AFL Players Association - Wikipedia

    The VFL successfully opposed the registration of this body and the fledgling union was disbanded. The AFLPA in its current form was established in 1974 at the behest of players Geoff Pryor (Essendon), Gareth Andrews (Geelong), Des Meagher (Hawthorn) and David McKay (Carlton). In 1979, the association appointed three key positions to lead the ...

  5. Message authentication code - Wikipedia

    Formally, a message authentication code (MAC) system is a triple of efficient algorithms (G, S, V) satisfying: G (key-generator) gives the key k on input 1 n, where n is the security parameter. S (signing) outputs a tag t on the key k and the input string x. V (verifying) outputs accepted or rejected on inputs: the key k, the string x and the ...

  6. Identity document - Wikipedia

    The National Health Insurance Card is issued to all citizens age 12 and above. It is commonly referred to as an identity card despite the fact it has no photo of the holder. Both certificates retrieve their information from the Civil Registration System. However, the personnummerbevis is still issued today and has been since September 1968.

  7. University of Virginia - Wikipedia

    University of Virginia Type Public research university Established January 25, 1819 ; 203 years ago (January 25, 1819) Founder Thomas Jefferson Accreditation SACS Academic affiliations AAU ORAU URA Sea-grant Space-grant Endowment $14.5 billion (2021) Budget $1.91 billion (2020) [a] President James E. Ryan Provost Ian Baucom Academic staff 3,265 (Fall 2019) 3,083 full-time 182 part-time ...

  8. Hazardous Materials Identification System - Wikipedia

    However, HMIS is a proprietary system, and without referring to the actual criteria for each rating, it is not clear how similar they are. 4. Materials that are readily capable of explosive water reaction, detonation or explosive decomposition, polymerization, or self-reaction at normal temperature and pressure (e.g., chlorine dioxide ...

  9. Colts Neck Township, New Jersey - Wikipedia,_New...

    Colts Neck Township is a township in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States.It is located in the New York Metropolitan Area.. The municipality of Colts Neck Township was initially established by an act of the New Jersey Legislature as Atlantic Township on February 18, 1847, carved from portions of Freehold Township, Middletown Township, and Shrewsbury Township.

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