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    The initial version of the site featured a standalone PDF compression tool. Since then, the online platform has introduced over 16 PDF tools to convert, compress and edit PDF documents. [6] As of 2019, approximately 25 million unique users use Smallpdf every month.

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    HTML::WikiConverter – a Perl module to convert HTML to wiki markup language. Write the bash script "doc2mw", and the perl script "html2mw", both shown below. Call doc2mw passing the word document as parameter. i.e. > doc2mw my_word.doc doc2mw a bash script taking a single parameter, which calls wvHtml followed by html2mw.

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    The term apologetics derives from the Ancient Greek word apologia (ἀπολογία). In the Classical Greek legal system, the prosecution delivered the kategoria (κατηγορία), the accusation or charge, and the defendant replied with an apologia, the defence. The apologia was a formal speech or explanation to reply to and rebut the charges