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  2. Norman Kerr - Wikipedia

    Early life and education. Norman Shanks Kerr was born at Morrison's Court, Argyle Street, Glasgow, Scotland on 17 May 1834, the eldest son of Alexander Kerr (1800 - 1855) and Helen Shanks (b 1813); His father Alexander was a merchant and ship owner who lived at Florentine Bank House, Hillhead, and who died in 1855.

  3. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Caroline Spencer (1861–1928) was an American physician and suffragist who campaigned vigorously for women's rights, both in her home state of Colorado and on the national level. Between 1917 and 1919, she was one of many women who became known as the Silent Sentinels , as they stood in front of the White House and carried pickets and banners ...

  4. Bus - Wikipedia

    Another commercial bus line using the same model Benz omnibuses ran for a short time in 1898 in the rural area around Llandudno, Wales. [15] Germany's Daimler Motors Corporation also produced one of the earliest motor-bus models in 1898, selling a double-decker bus to the Motor Traction Company which was first used on the streets of London on ...

  5. Major League Soccer - Wikipedia

    The Los Angeles Galaxy made a profit in 2003 in their first season at The Home Depot Center, and FC Dallas turned a profit after moving into Pizza Hut Park in 2005. For each season between 2006 and 2009, two to three MLS clubs (generally clubs with a soccer-specific stadium) were reported as profitable by the league.

  6. Salt Lake City - Wikipedia

    Salt Lake City has two historic passenger rail depots, the Denver and Rio Grande Western Depot and the Union Pacific Depot, the latter of which now anchors the Gateway district. Salt Lake City lost many significant structures to forces such as urban renewal in the 20th century, including the Dooly Building , designed by Louis Sullivan , the ...

  7. Glossary of French expressions in English - Wikipedia

    lit. "novel with a key": an account of actual persons, places or events in fictional guise. roué an openly debauched, lecherous older man. roux a cooked mixture of flour and melted butter (or other fat) used as a base in soups and gravies. S sacre bleu lit. "sacred blue": a dated French minced oath originating from the blasphemous "sacre dieu ...