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  2. Eagle's Nest Art Colony - Wikipedia's_Nest_Art_Colony

    The Eagle's Nest Art Colony Association was founded in 1898 by American sculptor Lorado Taft on the bluffs flanking the east bank of the Rock River, overlooking Oregon, Illinois. The colony was populated by Chicago artists, all members of the Chicago Art Institute or the University of Chicago art department, who gathered in Ogle County to ...

  3. Cut Bank, Montana - Wikipedia,_Montana

    Cut Bank is a city in and the county seat of Glacier County, Montana, United States, located just east of the "cut bank" along Cut Bank Creek. The population was 3,056 at the 2020 census , [2] The town began in 1891 with the arrival of the Great Northern Railway .

  4. Swedish colony of Saint Barthélemy - Wikipedia

    The Swedish colony of Saint Barthélemy existed for nearly a century. In 1784, one of French king Louis XVI's ministers ceded Saint Barthélemy to Sweden in exchange for trading rights in the Swedish port of Gothenburg. Swedish rule lasted until 1878 when the French repurchased the island.

  5. Y Wladfa - Wikipedia

    Y Wladfa (Welsh pronunciation: [ə ˈwladva], "The Colony"), also occasionally Y Wladychfa Gymreig (Welsh pronunciation: [ə wlaˈdəχva ɡəmˈreiɡ], "The Welsh Settlement"), refers to the establishment of settlements by Welsh immigrants in Patagonia, beginning in 1865, mainly along the coast of the lower Chubut Valley.

  6. National Bank of Malawi - Wikipedia

    In 1918, the National Bank of South Africa (now First National Bank) acquired the banking business of African Lakes Corporation in the colony. In 1925, National Bank of South Africa was merged with the Anglo-Egyptian Bank and the Colonial Bank in 1925 to form Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas). Barclays thus inherited the National ...

  7. Old - Wikipedia

    Places. Old, Baranya, Hungary; Old, Northamptonshire, England; Old Street station, a railway and tube station in London (station code OLD); OLD, IATA code for Old Town Municipal Airport and Seaplane Base, Old Town, Maine, United States

  8. Territorial evolution of the British Empire - Wikipedia

    Charter colony is one of the three classes of colonial government established in the 17th-century English colonies in North America.In a charter colony, the King granted a royal charter to the colonial government establishing the rules under which the colony was to be governed and charter colonies elected their own governors based on rules spelled out in the charter or other colonial legislation.

  9. Gannet - Wikipedia

    The biggest northern-gannet colony is on Scotland's Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth; in 2014, this colony contained some 75,000 pairs. Sulasgeir off the coast of the Isle of Lewis , St. Kilda , Grassholm in Pembrokeshire , Bempton Cliffs in the East Riding of Yorkshire , Sceilig Bheag , Ireland, and Bonaventure Island , Quebec , are also ...