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  2. Office of Child Support Enforcement - Wikipedia

    Child support is the obligation on parents to provide financial support for their children. OCSE was established with the Federal Government’s enactment of Child Support Enforcement and Paternity Establishment Program (CSE) in 1975, which was enacted to reduce welfare expenses by collecting child support from non-custodial parents.

  3. Child support - Wikipedia

    Child support Child support (or child maintenance) is an ongoing, periodic payment made by a parent for the financial benefit of a child (or parent, caregiver, guardian) following the end of a marriage or other similar relationship.

  4. Child support in the United States - Wikipedia

    States follow one of three basic models, or formulas, for calculating a child support obligation: (1) the Incomes Shares model, (2) the Percentage of Income model, or (3) the Melson Formula model. [3] The Income Shares Model asserts that minor offspring should receive the same amount of parental support as if the parents lived together.

  5. Child Tax Credit Calculator and Top 7 Requirements

    The American Rescue Plan raised the maximum Child Tax Credit in 2021 to $3,600 per child for qualifying children under the age of 6 and to $3,000 per child for qualifying children ages 6...

  6. California Child Support Guideline Review - Wikipedia

    (a) A parent's first and principal obligation is to support his or her minor children according to the parent's circumstances and station in life. (b) Both parents are mutually responsible for the support of their children. (c) The Guideline takes into account each parent's actual income and level of responsibility for the children.

  7. Child support by country - Wikipedia

    The court may award child support as far as three years back before the case was started. The amount of child support depends on the particular custody arrangement, parents’ net income and whether they have other support obligations. A failure to pay child support in line with final judgement is a crime punishable by up to three years in prison.

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    related to: co child support calculator nc