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  2. Rectified 9-cubes - Wikipedia

    Rectified 9-cubes. In nine-dimensional geometry, a rectified 9-cube is a convex uniform 9-polytope, being a rectification of the regular 9-cube . There are 9 rectifications of the 9-cube. The zeroth is the 9-cube itself, and the 8th is the dual 9-orthoplex. Vertices of the rectified 9-cube are located at the edge-centers of the 9-orthoplex.

  3. 9-cube - Wikipedia

    9-cube. In geometry, a 9-cube is a nine- dimensional hypercube with 512 vertices, 2304 edges, 4608 square faces, 5376 cubic cells, 4032 tesseract 4-faces, 2016 5-cube 5-faces, 672 6-cube 6-faces, 144 7-cube 7-faces, and 18 8-cube 8-faces . It can be named by its Schläfli symbol {4,3 7 }, being composed of three 8-cubes around each 7-face.

  4. 9-demicube - Wikipedia

    In geometry, a demienneract or 9-demicube is a uniform 9-polytope, constructed from the 9-cube, with alternated vertices removed. It is part of a dimensionally infinite family of uniform polytopes called demihypercubes . E. L. Elte identified it in 1912 as a semiregular polytope, labeling it as HM 9 for a 9-dimensional half measure polytope.

  5. 9-orthoplex - Wikipedia

    In geometry, a 9-orthoplex or 9- cross polytope, is a regular 9-polytope with 18 vertices, 144 edges, 672 triangle faces, 2016 tetrahedron cells, 4032 5-cells 4-faces, 5376 5-simplex 5-faces, 4608 6-simplex 6-faces, 2304 7-simplex 7-faces, and 512 8-simplex 8-faces . It has two constructed forms, the first being regular with Schläfli symbol {3 ...

  6. Rubik's family cubes of varying sizes - Wikipedia's_family_cubes_of...

    Rubik's family cubes of varying sizes. Appearance. The original Rubik's cube was a mechanical 3×3×3 cube puzzle invented in 1974 by the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. Extensions of the Rubik's cube have been around for a long time and come in both hardware and software forms.

  7. Uniform 9-polytope - Wikipedia

    Uniform 9-polytope. In nine-dimensional geometry, a nine-dimensional polytope or 9-polytope is a polytope contained by 8-polytope facets. Each 7-polytope ridge being shared by exactly two 8-polytope facets . A uniform 9-polytope is one which is vertex-transitive, and constructed from uniform 8-polytope facets .

  8. Need a Honeymoon Gift? Customize These Cute Luggage ... - AOL

    The Carry-On. Luggage can be expensive and at just under $300, Away luggage isn't cheap. But if you want go the extra mile and gift them a durable and sleek carry-on, the splurge is worth it for ...

  9. Runcic 7-cubes - Wikipedia

    In seven-dimensional geometry, a runcic 7-cube is a convex uniform 7-polytope, related to the uniform 7-demicube. There are 2 unique forms. There are 2 unique forms. Runcic 7-cube [ edit ]

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