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  2. Chad Chad, landlocked country in north-central Africa. The terrain is that of a shallow basin that rises gradually from the Lake Chad area in the west and is rimmed by mountains to the north, east, and south. Natural irrigation is limited to the Chari and Logone rivers and their tributaries, which flow from the southeast into Lake Chad.

  3. Chad - Wikipedia

    Chad is a large landlocked country spanning north-central Africa. It covers an area of 1,284,000 square kilometres (496,000 sq mi), lying between latitudes 7° and 24°N, and 13° and 24°E, and is the twentieth-largest country in the world. Chad is, by size, slightly smaller than Peru and slightly larger than South Africa.

  4. Chad Meaning & Origin | Slang by

    Chad is a usually disparaging internet slang term used for a popular, confident, sexually active young white male. Its female counterpart is Stacy, who is often portrayed as Chad‘s sexual partner. Use of Chad is associated with the incel community and the website 4chan to refer stereotypical alpha males.

  5. Chad - The World Factbook - Central Intelligence Agency

    1,450 Mali (MINUSMA) (May 2022) note 1: Chad has committed approximately 1,000-1,500 troops to the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) against Boko Haram and other terrorist groups operating in the general area of the Lake Chad Basin and along Nigeria's northeast border; national MNJTF troop contingents are deployed within their own territories, although cross‐border operations are conducted periodically; in 2019, Chad sent more than 1,000 troops to Nigeria’s Borno State to fight Boko ...

  6. Chad (slang) - Wikipedia

    The slang term Chad originated in the UK, where it was used to describe a particular humorous ad-hoc cartoon, and later in Chicago it was used as a pejorative term for young, upper-class, urban males. In modern internet slang, the term can be similar to "bro" and generally refers to an "alpha male" or otherwise obnoxious hyper-masculine yuppie male.

  7. Chad (TV Series 2021–2022) - IMDb

    Chad TV Series 2021–2022 TV-MA 30 m IMDb RATING 3.1 /10 5.4K YOUR RATING Rate Play trailer 0:30 22 Videos 51 Photos Comedy Drama A 14-year-old Persian boy desperately tries to fit in, cope with his mother's dating life, and figure out his cultural identity. Creators Nasim Pedrad Rob Rosell Stars Nasim Pedrad Alexa Loo Saba Homayoon

  8. Chad (TV series) - Wikipedia

    Chad (Pedrad) is a 14-year-old Persian-American boy on a mission to become popular as he navigates his first year of high school. During the first season, Chad's friendships and sanity are pushed to the limits as he uses every tactic at his disposal to befriend the cool kids while enduring his mother's new dating life and reconciling with his cultural identity.

  9. Chad Maps & Facts - World Atlas

    Chad is a landlocked country in North-Central Africa occupying an area of 1,284,000 sq. km. The map illustrates the country of Chad. In the northern reaches of the country, the Tibesti Mountains dominate the landscape of the surrounding Sahara Desert.

  10. Urban Dictionary: chad

    chad. 1. Residue of faecal matter; usually situated between arse cheeks after incomplete wiping and can spread to balls. The smell of chad emanates further and becomes more putrid the riper it gets; annoying all those in close proximity, while the chaded person is often oblivious to their wafting odour.

  11. Chad Wild Clay - YouTube

    A mysterious hacker has been messing with Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint and other YouTubers. He or she has been hacking their YouTube videos, playing challenges against them, sending them on...