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  2. Gringo Trail - Wikipedia

    Geographical reach. The Gringo Trail encompasses almost all of Latin America, except Brazil, but there is no overland route on the Pan-American Highway between Central America and South America across the Darién Gap. Travelers generally charter sailboats in Panama or take the ferry. North America. Mexico: Chichen Itza; Guanajuato; Isla Mujeres ...

  3. Central London - Wikipedia

    Central London is the innermost part of London, in England, spanning several boroughs. Over time, a number of definitions have been used to define the scope of Central London for statistics, urban planning and local government. Its characteristics are understood to include a high density built environment, high land values, an elevated daytime ...

  4. Central mudminnow - Wikipedia

    The central mudminnow tends to spawn in mid-April in temperatures of 13 °C with the higher temperature stimulating the spawning. Spawning can take place in shallow waters and produce up to 2,500 eggs in one season. The average age of the central mudminnow is three, while they can reach ages of five or six.

  5. Heathrow Central bus station - Wikipedia

    Heathrow Central bus station is open 24 hours a day and it is connected to Terminals 2 and 3 via underground walkways. Air passengers travelling through Terminals 4 and 5 can use the rail and Heathrow Express services free of charge within the Heathrow free travel zone to reach Heathrow Central stations and change to the bus station. A travel ...

  6. Indiana Central Canal - Wikipedia

    The Indiana Central Canal was a canal intended to connect the Wabash and Erie Canal to the Ohio River.It was funded by the Mammoth Internal Improvement Act, Indiana's attempt to take part in the canal-building craze started by the Erie Canal. $3.5 million was allocated for the project, the largest piece of the entire $10 million Act.

  7. Central bearded dragon - Wikipedia

    Adults of this species can reach a total length of up to 60 cm (24 in), with the tail accounting for more than half. Some sexual dimorphism is present: males can be distinguished from females by a wider cloacal opening, a wider base of the tail, a larger head and beard, and the possession of hemipenes.

  8. Central Bank of Argentina - Wikipedia

    The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (Spanish: Banco Central de la República Argentina, BCRA) is the central bank of Argentina, being an autarchic entity.. Article 3 of the Organic Charter lists the objectives of this Institution: “The bank aims to promote, to the extent of its powers and within the framework of the policies established by the national government, monetary stability ...

  9. Central Asia–China gas pipeline - Wikipedia–China_gas...

    The Central Asia–China gas pipeline (known also as Turkmenistan–China gas pipeline) is a natural gas pipeline system from Central Asia to Xinjiang in the People's Republic of China. By connecting Turkmenistan to China’s domestic grid, this pipeline makes it possible to transport gas some 7000 km from Turkmenistan to Shanghai.