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  2. BPJS Kesehatan - Wikipedia

    Beneficiaries of Health Insurance Contribution Assistance (PBI JK) are Participants who are classified as poor and disadvantaged people whose contributions are paid by the Government. Additionally, they will be automated in class 3. Recipients of Health Insurance Contribution Assistance must meet the following requirements: a. Indonesian Citizen b.

  3. Higher-order thinking - Wikipedia

    Higher-order thinking, known as higher order thinking skills ( HOTS ), is a concept of education reform based on learning taxonomies (such as Bloom's taxonomy ). The idea is that some types of learning require more cognitive processing than others, but also have more generalized benefits.

  4. Lon L. Fuller - Wikipedia

    Lon Luvois Fuller (June 15, 1902 – April 8, 1978) was an American legal philosopher, who criticized legal positivism and defended a secular and procedural form of natural law theory. Fuller was a professor of Law at Harvard University for many years, and is noted in American law for his contributions to both jurisprudence and the law of contracts.

  5. Health Promotion Board - Wikipedia

    Parent agency. Ministry of Health. Website. www .hpb .gov .sg. The Health Promotion Board ( HPB) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Health of the Government of Singapore. It was established in 2001 to act as the main driver for national health promotion and disease prevention programmes. [2]

  6. AGIL paradigm - Wikipedia

    L: Constitutive symbolization. Society, in this paradigm, is defined as prototypical category of the social system, that meets the essential functional prerequisites that define the system's universal attributes. AGIL scheme outlines four systematic, core functions, that are prerequisites for any society to be able to persist over time.

  7. FutureWave Software - Wikipedia

    Headquarters. San Diego, California, U.S. Area served. United States. FutureWave Software, Inc [1] was a software development company based in San Diego, California. The company was co-founded by Charlie Jackson and Jonathan Gay on January 22, 1993. [1] [2] VP of Marketing was Michelle Welsh who also came from Silicon Beach Software, then Aldus ...

  8. Edward Yourdon - Wikipedia

    The method supports two distinct design phases: analysis and design. YSM includes three discrete steps: the feasibility study; essential modeling; and implementation modeling. [8] It offers a series of models: [9] The behavioral model: states that system behavior can be described in three ways: functions, dynamics and relationships.

  9. Educating Eve - Wikipedia

    Educating Eve: The 'Language Instinct' Debate is a book by Geoffrey Sampson, providing arguments against Noam Chomsky 's theory of a human instinct for ( first) language acquisition. Sampson explains the original title of the book as a deliberate allusion to Educating Rita (1980), and uses the plot of that play to illustrate his argument.